Messages sent for me from my Twitter follower: Macromolecules @Macromolecules_ (An open access journal dedicated to publishing the latest advances across all areas of molecular science and concerned fields all together) #Macromolecules United Kingdom… Participa desde julho de 2017 ´´greetings!! thank you for connecting with us. do visit our homepage:´´Dear researcher, Thank you for visiting our page. As you might know we are an open access journal. We would like to invite you to submit your Research/Review article, Case report, short commentaries, rapid communications, letter to editor, perspectives, opinion, hypothesis, or any type of article) of 1-2 pages for upcoming issue by Sept, 2018. Also do send your blog link and we hope to have you on board with us. Regards, Journal Editor´´

Nanomedicina – Texto que escrevi. Nanomedicine – Text I typed(1)

I do not want to harm anyone and not be harmed by this blog I made, great, extensive and detailed e-mail list about researchers from 20 best Universities of the World in 2015 I did, my YouTube Channel and other things. My objective is help anyone in any way like researcher, professor and student with this blog and YouTube channel, for example.

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I´d like so much you share this blog because there are very important, interesting, useful and updated scientific informations like ´´my´´ dissertation (lung cancer research in mice) and other ´´things´´. I did very important, detailed and innovative graphics about variations of all mice weigths during all exerimental time (´´my´´ dissertation). They can be an excelent reference for future researches like animal testing in the field of genetic engineering, for example. It was a very innovative and important research!! So, many researchers, professors, students linked to Harvard University, MIT, Caltech, Stanford, UCLA, Cambridge University, Oxford University, Duke University, New York University and other people of the World need to know about it to visit and share this blog I did a time ago as soon as possible because unfortunately there are dangerous diseases without cure or total prevention methods like vacination.

*Scientific article related to ´´my´´ dissertation: The influence of physical activity in the progression of experimental lung cancer in mice. Pathol Res Pract 2012 Jul 15;208(7):377-81.  * Link of my dissertation ->

*Be prepared for the influences that Universe (Superior Energy) needs to make on people to benefit the world population.

*The researches need to improve so much faster with better researches.

*The human expectancy of life urgently needs to increase a lot in a short time. Note: I don´t earn any money with this blog, Instagram Accounts,  YouTube Channel and Twitter Accounts.

-My objective is help anyone in any way like researcher, student and professor who visit this blog and my YouTube Channel, for example.

*In a very little time I was invitated throught Internet to participate in very important scientific events in the World in cities like Sao Paulo, London, Prague, Berlin, Valencia, Boston, Dubai, Vienna, Rome, Stockholm, Tokyo, Osaka, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Unfortunately I can not participate it. Details about it are available on this blog. There are very important news on it!

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