What are the phases of a clinical study? Quais as fases de um estudo clínico ? Link: http://www.sbppc.org.br/portal/index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=14 & Text I typed about Nanomedicine & Avoid thinking about sad, very sad and negative facts. Act for the good of world humanity always. Have the intention to do good for world society always. Have motivation to live a life properly always. Thus, the world will greatly improve in every way in a very short time. Of course, theory is not always the same as practice.

Nanomedicina – Texto que escrevi. Nanomedicine – Text I typed(1)


-Very important observation:

1.Clinical research is usually classified into 4 phases. Before testing new treatments in humans, scientists test substances in laboratories and experimental animals. This is the so-called non-clinical phase.

-Observação muito importante:

1. A pesquisa clínica é usualmente classificada em 4 fases.

2. Antes de começar a testar novos tratamentos em seres humanos, os cientistas testam as substâncias em laboratórios e em animais de experimentação. Esta é a chamada fase não-clínica. 



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