About Thomas Zacharia @ORNLdirector Director of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the largest multi-program #science & #energy research lab in the U.S. Oak Ridge, TN ornl.gov Participa desde dezembro de 2018 – Informations about the fastest and smartest supercomputer in the world. Links – Website – Time @ Links about my dissertation and monograph @ Link of my curriculum Lattes





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– – > Link related with my dissertation: https://science1984.wordpress.com/2018/07/15/i-did-very-important-detailed-and-innovative-graphics-about-variations-of-all-mice-weigths-during-all-exerimental-time-my-dissertation-they-can-be-an-excelent-reference-for-future-researches-like-2/

->> Article: The influence of physical activity in the progression of experimental lung cancer in mice – Pathol Res Pract. 2012 Jul 15;208(7):377-81. The graphics I did about the variations of all mice weights during all experimental time (cancer research in mice) aren´t in the scientific article related to my dissertation nor in my dissertation as well as details about time of exercise and rest of the animals. These data can be an excellent reference for researches in animal testing (in the area of genetic engineering for example) and in other types of researches. Informations about it are in the link informed above.

– – > Link about my monograph: Chagas Disease research in laboratory at Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro -> Induction of benzonidazole resistance in human isolates of Trypanosoma cruzi https://science1984.wordpress.com/2018/07/15/my-monography-chagas-disease-research-in-laboratory-2/

It´s very important promote the researches I participated. The world needs more efficient researches, of course. There are many laboratories that used mice to study pathologies and received financial investments of many types. The human expectancy of life worldwide needs to increase with better researches for example.

The sharing of this blog is very important for world society.

My curriculum Lattes: http://buscatextual.cnpq.br/buscatextual/visualizacv.do?id=K4240145A2

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