Twitter messages for my Twitter Follower to me: ´´We are pleased to welcome you to be a part of our upcoming conference “14th International Conference on Infectious Diseases, prevention and Control, slate to hold on March 21-22, 2019, Dubai, UAE.´´ Yeah, that’s good to hear, so that I like you to join in the conference´´Thanks for your reply. ´´Do you like to opt for video presentation or e-poster presentation? Kindly do suggest some speakers?´´Thanks for your precious reply. From you, I could able to know many Doctors and Professors from Brazil and thanks for your valuable time to share with me.´´Good day!! We request you to send mail id of the speakers which you send. Because I couldn’t find some and moreover we think not to lose such people in our conference.´´Thank you so much for your concern and help´´Thank you´´@ Theme: Towards a world free from the threat of Infectious diseases




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