Facebook messages for me: ´´Hi Dr.Rodrigo´´ Hi Sezen! I only accept Facebook friend request of person who I know personally. ´´Dear Rodrigo´´ ´´Thanks for the information and its really interesting´´ ´´I am Sezen, Director of Cancer and Nursing, Its a Great pleasure to connect with you´´ ´´As you shared very interesting thing about you, i am surprised and don’t want to miss you and would like to share with you that,´´ ´´we currently organizing International conference on Cancer on April 15-16 at Frankfurt, Germany´´ ´´would like to have your speech in our conference, kindly let me know your availability and confirmation´´ Hi Sezen! Unfortunately I will not participate in this very important event. Thank you very much for your attention!! Best wishes!! ´´Thanks for letting us know.´´ ´´in that case, can you join us through a Pre-recorded video presentation?´´ I will not can participate it. Thank you. Best wishes !! ´´okay´´ ´´Thank you´´ ´´Have a great day´´ Thank you! Same to you! #changes #time #internet #opinion #post #time #energy #people #person #facts #fact #moment #times





Studied at Boston University

Lives in London, United Kingdom

IntroProgram Manager of Cancer Nursing
onprocess of making a cancer free world


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