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Tenth Edition         

          The data for this edition was collected during the first week of April 2019 of a BETA list of the public profiles of the most highly cited researchers (h-index larger than 100) according to their declared presence in the Google Scholar Citations database. There is a separate ranking for the high energy physicists with hyper-authored papers.

          The list, that  includes both living and deceased authors, is ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and when ties appear, then by the total number of citations as a secondary criteria.

          This ranking is far of being complete, as many scientists have no developed a GSC public profile yet, that it is a very easy and free task and with a surprisingly large coverage of both contributions and citations. It is also probably we overlooked a few profiles, so please contact us with any information regarding gaps, missing profiles or the full project. Our editor is available from this email address Isidro F. Aguillo (isidro.aguillo@csic.es), but we strongly suggest to read Methodology in advance.

This ranking has been funded by the CSIC Intramural 201710E077

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Highly Cited Researchers (h>100) according to their Google Scholar Citations public profiles

Tenth Edition         

          The data for this edition was collected during the first week of April 2019 of a BETA list of the public profiles of the most highly cited researchers (h-index larger than 100) according to their declared presence in the Google Scholar Citations database. There is a separate ranking for the high energy physicists with hyper-authored papers.

          The list, that  includes both living and deceased authors, is ranked first by h-index in decreasing order and when ties appear, then by the total number of citations as a secondary criteria.

          This ranking is far of being complete, as many scientists have no developed a GSC public profile yet, that it is a very easy and free task and with a surprisingly large coverage of both contributions and citations. It is also probably we overlooked a few profiles, so please contact us with any information regarding gaps, missing profiles or the full project. Our editor is available from this email address Isidro F. Aguillo (isidro.aguillo@csic.es), but we strongly suggest to read Methodology in advance.

This ranking has been funded by the CSIC Intramural 201710E077

1Michel FoucaultCollège de France280884807
2Graham ColditzWashington University in St Louis279289917
3Ronald C KesslerHarvard University274346381
4JoAnn E MansonBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School268293459
5Robert LangerMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT268279559
6Pierre BourdieuCentre de Sociologie Européenne; Collège de France265678905
7Shizuo AkiraOsaka University264332522
8Sigmund FreudUniversity of Vienna262486380
9Eugene BraunwaldBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School260337339
10Eric LanderBroad Institute Harvard MIT258392913
11Bert VogelsteinJohns Hopkins University256374949
12Michael GraetzelEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne253323056
13Michael KarinUniversity of California San Diego242250027
14Gordon GuyattMcMaster University240247491
15Frank B HuHarvard University240245989
16Salim YusufMcMaster University235300475
17Richard A FlavellYale University; Howard Hughes Medical Institute235205348
18T W RobbinsUniversity of Cambridge228164361
19Julie Tzu Wen WangKing’s College London225196941
20Robert J LefkowitzHoward Hughes Medical Institute; Duke University224160706
21Zhong Lin WangGeorgia Institute of Technology223199762
22Steven A RosenbergNational Institutes of Health NIH222206203
23Yi Hwa LiuYale University221246893
24Eric TopolScripps Research Institute220233614
25Paul M RidkerHarvard Medical School219273566
26Carlo CroceOhio State University219220521
27Chris FrithUniversity College London219183664
28Matthias MannMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG218219693
29Guido KroemerINSERM218211688
30Douglas G AltmanOxford University217416865
31Kenneth KinzlerJohns Hopkins University216253913
32Karl FristonUniversity College London216217138
33Peter J BarnesImperial College London216203658
34John TrojanowskiUniversity of Pennsylvania215187630
35Daniel LevyNational Institutes of Health NIH214230273
36Peter LibbyHarvard Medical School214195945
37S B KimSeoul National University212231911
38Ralph B D’AgostinoBoston University212216356
39Fred H GageSalk Institute for Biological Studies212189073
40Younan XiaGeorgia Institute of Technology212182435
41A S FauciNational Institutes of Health NIH211194900
42Yunfei GaoPurdue University206230401
43Mark P MattsonNational Institutes of Health NIH206151724
44Joseph E StiglitzColumbia University205274369
45Ronald M EvansSalk Institute204181495
46Albert EinsteinPrinceton University201242683
47Richard FrackowiakUniversity of Lausanne201155476
48Jacques DerridaÉcole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales de Paris EHESS200276249
49Michael G MarmotUniversity College London200191593
50Eric RimmHarvard University200181056
51Amartya SenHarvard University199302983
52David J HunterHarvard University199188443
53Irving WeissmanInstitute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine199173347
54Eugene KooninNational Institutes of Health NIH199167400
55Craig ThompsonMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center198172443
56Stephen V FaraoneSUNY Upstate Medical University197146031
57Raymond J DolanUniversity College London195155402
58Adam WarburtonMcGill University194181326
59Diederick E GrobbeeUniversity Medical Center Utrecht193192547
60Ralph HrubanJohns Hopkins University193151456
61Dennis CharneyIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai193139999
62Harlan KrumholzYale University192180171
63Lewis C CantleyWeill Cornell Medical College192161163
64C Ronald KahnJoslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School192135347
65Albert BanduraStanford University191558922
66Cyrus CooperUniversity of Southampton; Oxford University; Mayo Clinic191148609
67Daniel R WeinbergerLieber Institute for Brain Development191143493
68Robert A WeinbergMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT189236409
69Alan HeegerUniversity of California Santa Barbara189189898
70Valentin FusterCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares CNIC188239906
71Peer BorkEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory188197558
72Thomas DohertyUniversity of Glasgow187219508
73Harold J VinegarVinegar Technologies LLC; Ben-Gurion University18764295
74Albert M SirunyanYerevan Physics Institute186200490
75Andrés Pacheco PagesInstitut de Fisica d’Altes Energies Barcelona185203049
76Alberto MantovaniIstituto Clinico Humanitas; Università degli Studi di Milano185161838
77Joan MassagueMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Cencer185155145
78Alan EvansMcGill University185135652
79Hongjie DaiStanford University184183003
80Luigi FerrucciNational Institutes of Health NIH184181131
81Patrice GrahamLincoln Memorial University184177777
82Simon Baron CohenUniversity of Cambridge184169398
83Adrian L HarrisOxford University184141375
84Bharat B AggarwalUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center184126173
85George P ChrousosNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens183140540
86Michael G RosenfeldUniversity of California San Diego183116005
87Stuart H OrkinHarvard University183106700
88Douglas EastonUniversity of Cambridge182160528
89R AebersoldETH Zürich182146374
90Justin AlbertUniversity of Victoria181178934
91Yusuke NakamuraUniversity of Chicago; University of Tokyo; RIKEN; University of Utah181168847
92Gregory LipUniversity of Birmingham; Aalborg University180241053
93Mark DalyHarvard University180239057
94John McMurrayUniversity of Glasgow179219916
95Anil K JainMichigan State University179186125
96Timothy SpringerHarvard Medical School; Childrens Hospital Boston179139324
97Krzysztof MatyjaszewskiCarnegie Mellon University179137375
98Tony HunterSalk Institute for Biological Studies179136429
99Ralph WeisslederMassachusetts General Hospital179132842
100Joel SchwartzHarvard School of Public Health179108270
101Philip KotlerNorthwestern University178366151
102Christopher MurrayUniversity of Washington178233971
103David BotsteinPrinceton University178224058
104John P A IoannidisStanford University178200844
105Simon D M WhiteMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG178165729
106Steven R CummingsCPMC Research Institute; University of California San Francisco178158275
107Leroy HoodInstitute for Systems Biology178156464
108Tim D SpectorKing’s College London178140250
109Hans CleversHubrecht Institute Utrecht178135905
110Michael TomaselloMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG178132635
111Dennis W DicksonMayo Clinic178132428
112Frank J GonzalezNational Institutes of Health NIH178130909
113Joseph SchlessingerYale University178129594
114Jean FrechetKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology178120011
115H Eugene StanleyBoston University177167484
116Nicholas WarehamUniversity of Cambridge177163338
117Elaine Sarkin JaffeNational Institutes of Health NIH177152904
118Jan Ake GustafssonUniversity of Houston177151169
119H Erich WichmannHelmholtz Zentrum München; LMU München177143428
120Terrie E MoffittDuke University177138334
121Peter W WilsonEmory University177131426
122John MinnaUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center177128062
123Noam ChomskyMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT176377221
124Zygmunt BaumanUniversity of Leeds176289437
125G RemuzziIstituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri 175173264
126Douglas R GreenSt Jude Children’s Research Hospital175144539
127Yi CuiStanford University175138679
128Peidong YangUniversity of California Berkeley175137999
129Lance LiottaGeorge Mason University175130304
130Tomas HökfeltKarolinska Institute175123071
131Nahum SonenbergMcGill University175108024
132Bruce SpiegelmanHarvard University174159454
133Avshalom CaspiDuke University174125285
134John YatesScripps Research Institute174123323
135Antonietti MarkusMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG174109896
136Herbert A SimonCarnegie Mellon University173339560
137Joao Barreiro Guimaraes da CostaHarvard University173160455
138James F SallisUniversity of California San Diego173153693
139Stephen R BloomImperial College London173126999
140Russel J ReiterUniversity of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio173125449
141Michael E PorterBishop William Lawrence University; Harvard Business School172447217
142Lawrence SummersHarvard University172139357
143Robin M MurrayKing’s College London172120266
144Emelia J BenjaminBoston University171201199
145Deborah CookMcMaster University171176392
146Napoleone FerraraUniversity of California San Diego171159855
147George A WellsUniversity of Ottawa171149881
148Nicholas G MartinQIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute171135817
149Adi GazdarUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center171124464
150Jens Juul HolstUniversity of Copenhagen171115764
151Carl CotmanUniversity of California Irvine171114101
152Nicholas TalleyUniversity of Newcastle171102713
153Robert M MayOxford University170143341
154Karl MarxUniversity of Bonn; University of Berlin; University of Jena169293501
155Gilles Deleuze169274085
156R H FriendUniversity of Cambridge169145690
157Stephen B BaylinVan Andel Research Institute169134596
158Jeffrey CummingsCleveland Clinic169134065
159George KoobNational Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism169112230
160Nicholas J WhiteMahidol University; Oxford University169110831
161Roy F BaumeisterUniversity of Queensland; Florida State University168169981
162Jean Louis VincentUniversité Libre de Bruxelles168167841
163Charles M LieberHarvard University168153939
164D W SchindlerUniversity of Alberta168145262
165Jack HirshMcMaster University168142302
166Chad MirkinNorthwestern University168139620
167Richard LiptonAlbert Einstein College of Medicine168127283
168Sevil SalurRutgers University168119226
169Richard J DavidsonUniversity of Wisconsin Madison168110137
170Herbert W MarshAustralian Catholic University; Oxford University168109724
171Frederick AppelbaumFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center168102039
172Richard M RyanUniversity of Rochester167286082
173Raymond BrockMichigan State University167154149
174Stephen R ForrestUniversity of Michigan167135505
175Gregg L SemenzaJohns Hopkins University167133987
176Myrna M WeissmanColumbia University167127337
177Gordon B MillsUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center167118167
178Tobin MarksNorthwestern University167115746
179John RothwellUniversity College London167102703
180Donald TruhlarUniversity of Minnesota166151069
181Shen En Chenuniversity of north carolina at charlotte166142964
182Claude BouchardPennington Biomedical Research Center166136059
183Monique M B Breteler166120032
184Lex BouterVU University Amsterdam166105387
185M Flint BealWeill Cornell Medical College16699826
186Andrew P McmahonUniversity of Southern California16690828
187Jiawei HanUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign165162691
188Karlheinz MeierRuprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg165159643
189Justin ThomasUniversity of Notre Dame165158419
190Didier RaoultAix Marseille Université; CHU Timone165132618
191Peter CarmelietUniversiteit van Leuven VIB165124249
192P M AjayanRice University165123757
193Giancarlo SusinnoUniversita della Calabria; Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare165119049
194Stephen L BuchwaldMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT16593123
195Jeffrey A LiebermanColumbia University164136207
196Paul KyberdBrunel University164134114
197Stefan SchaelRWTH Aachen University164124392
198Zena WerbUniversity of California San Francisco164122006
199Gregg C FonarowUniversity of California Los Angeles164114521
200Jens K NorskovStanford University164111759
201Lam Ching WanUniversity of Hong Kong163160198
202Paul AlivisatosUniversity of California Berkeley; Lawrence Berkeley National Lab163148496
203Nicholas A PeppasUniversity of Texas at Dallas163122313
204Philip CohenUniversity of Dundee163120103
205Steven D WormRutherford Appleton Laboratory163119978
206Alvaro Pascual LeoneHarvard University16393662
207Anders BjörklundLund University16381560
208Yuh Nung JanUniversity of California San Francisco16375774
209Markku LaaksoUniversity of Eastern Finland162146900
210Ralph A DeFronzoUniversity of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio162124498
211Stephen HolgateUniversity of Southampton162111979
212Ralph WeichselbaumUniversity of Chicago162110093
213Ronald A DePinhoUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center162101938
214Robert M StrieterNovartis Institutes for Biomedical Research16282810
215Richard PetoOxford University161185680
216James J HeckmanUniversity of Chicago161184195
217Ronald W DavisStanford University161177113
218Marcus E RaichleWashington University in St Louis161135730
219Gagan MohantyTata Institute of Fundamental Research161131019
220Jane CauleyUniversity of Pittsburgh161126215
221Jack StromingerHarvard University161112463
222William SandbornUniversity of California San Diego161106535
223Marc KirschnerHarvard Medical School161105806
224Stephen O’rahillyUniversity of Cambridge161102918
225Michael E PhelpsUniversity of California Los Angeles161102205
226David J BrooksAarhus University161100642
227Derek LovleyUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst16190594
228Lewis L LanierUniversity of California San Francisco16189048
229Anthony CeramiRockefeller University; Araim Pharmaceuticals160116998
230Kypros H NicolaidesKing’s College London160107519
231Richard YoungMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT160106096
232Gerald I ShulmanHoward Hughes Medical Institute160105063
233Paul R KrugmanPrinceton University159218198
234Jean Philippe ColletSorbonne Université; Inserm; Institut de Cardiologie159180987
235Chris SanderMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center159161022
236Jeffrey I GordonWashington University in St. Louis159155367
237Mark GersteinYale University159118934
238Fraser StoddartNorthwestern University159111606
239Martin BlaserNew York University School of Medicine159109748
240John A RogersNorthwestern University159102708
241A Jamil Tajik15997147
242Donald IngberHarvard University15995614
243Robert G RoederRockefeller University15991840
244David P FarringtonUniversity of Cambridge15990735
245Richard K WilsonWashington University in St Louis158198216
246David HausslerUniversity of California Santa Cruz158183236
247Philippe FroguelImperial College London; CNRS158112078
248Joseph WangNew Mexico State University; Arizona State University; Technion; University of California San Diego158105698
249Edward T BullmoreUniversity of Cambridge; GlaxoSmithKline15898517
250David A WeitzHarvard University15892375
251Alan BaddeleyUniversity of York157189685
252Goncalo AbecasisUniversity of Michigan157167001
253John T CacioppoUniversity of Chicago157144636
254Takeo KanadeCarnegie Mellon University157141663
255René S KahnUniversity Medical Center Utrecht157131336
256L Adrienne CupplesBoston University157121101
257Carlo La VecchiaUniversità degli Studi di Milano157120295
258Gábor I VeresEötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem157104963
259George ChurchHarvard Medical School157100974
260Jeanne Brooks GunnColumbia University15798875
261Willem M de VosWageningen University; Helsinki University15797290
262Bert W O’MalleyBaylor College of Medicine15796808
263Michael VonkorffKaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute15790739
264Vinod Kumar GuptaIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee15770642
265Tom ManiatisColumbia University156374101
266Avelino Corma CanosInstituto de Tecnología Química UPV CSIC156124679
267Hans Ulrich WittchenTechnische Universitaet Dresden156120641
268Gregg W StoneColumbia University156119542
269I KawachiHarvard University156116882
270Jeffrey S FlierHarvard University156111211
271Robert BlackJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health156109963
272Chenming HuUniversity of California Berkeley156109328
273Michael MannsMedizinische Hochschule Hannover156106096
274James FujimotoMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT15694211
275Joseph JankovicBaylor College of Medicine15693670
276Gregory HannonCambridge University; New York Genome Center; Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory155159483
277Michael I JordanUniversity of California Berkeley155151387
278Daniel J RaderUniversity of Pennsylvania155134890
279Mark McCarthyOxford University155131890
280Terrence SejnowskiFrancis Crick Institute; Salk Institute for Biological Studies; University of California San Diego155131352
281Paul ThompsonUniversity of Southern California155114896
282Barry PopkinUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill155110502
283Richard S EllisCalifornia Institute of Technology155107778
284Philip S YuUniversity of Illinois at Chicago155103965
285Hans Olov AdamiHarvard School of Public Health15599173
286Fred GuengerichVanderbilt University15596390
287Ted M DawsonJohns Hopkins University15596130
288Bernard MossNational Institutes of Health NIH15587962
289Stanley FalkowStanford University15581229
290Patrick O BrownImpossible Foods Inc; Stanford University School of Medicine154177334
291Rob KnightUniversity of California San Diego154149336
292David TilmanUniversity of Minnesota154142919
293Moungi BawendiMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT154114964
294Steve C R WilliamsKing’s College London154110942
295Paolo BoffettaIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai154107516
296Jean BousquetINSERM154104901
297Robert PlominKing’s College London15499552
298Edmund T RollsOxford Centre for Computational Neuroscience; University of Warwick15486287
299Jiaguo YuWuhan University of Technology15485265
300David HoltzmanWashington University in St Louis15482393
301Gregory J GoresMayo Clinic15473513
302Wilmar SchaufeliUtrecht University153156982
303F Stuart Chapin IIIUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks153138502
304Elio RiboliImperial College London153109041
305Roberto RomeroNICHD NIH153107325
306Daniel SchacterHarvard University153101542
307Jaakko KaprioUniversity of Helsinki153101297
308Stanislas DehaeneCollège de France15399381
309John MorleySaint Louis University15399086
310James TiedjeMichigan State University15396884
311Anthony G EvansUniversity of California Santa Barbara15395777
312Jean Pierre ChangeuxPasteur Institute15394100
313Frederik BarkhofVU University Medical Center15393000
314Bart StaelsUniversité Lille 215387821
315Ali Alali15373335
316Ed DienerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; University of Washington152184987
317Josef CoreshJohns Hopkins University152151409
318Harold MooneyStanford University152132108
319Evan EichlerUniversity of Washington152130510
320Jacquelynne Sue EcclesUniversity of California Irvine152113768
321Ernest E MooreDenver Health Medical Center152107724
322Adrian FurnhamUniversity College London15299492
323Jonathan I EpsteinJohns Hopkins University15296386
324Johan AuwerxÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne15288582
325Robert E W HancockUniversity of British Columbia15287742
326Ferenc JoleszBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School15272332
327Xiong Wen David LouNanyang Technological University15266062
328Martin SeligmanUniversity of Pennsylvania151178144
329Lars WallentinUppsala University151156300
330Cheng WangIntel Labs151132070
331Klaus SchultenUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign151121554
332Geoffrey BurnstockUniversity College London151118355
333Roger J DavisHoward Hughes Medical Institute and Molecular Medicine151110570
334M K NazeeruddinEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne151110567
335Dan LittmanNew York University151101703
336Philip ScheltensVU University Medical Center15198665
337Carlos Cordon CardoMount Sinai School of Medicine15192162
338Patricia Goldman RakicYale University15186712
339Inder M VermaSalk Institute for Biological Studies15185907
340Teruo OkanoTokyo Women’s Medical University15185208
341Eugene C ButcherStanford University15181071
342Michael P LisantiUniversity of Manchester15180869
343Scott T WeissHarvard Medical School15179754
344Scott ShenkerUniversity of California Berkeley150134986
345William A GoddardCalifornia Institute of Technology150117311
346Lei JiangUniversity of Alabama Birmingham150107046
347Kenneth A DodgeDuke University150106024
348Gabriel NuñezUniversity of Michigan150101988
349Dongyuan ZhaoFudan University15097295
350Anthony E LangUniversity of Toronto15090630
351J John MannColumbia University; New York State Psychiatric Institute15086670
352Pier Paolo PandolfiBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center15085416
353Robert M PostGrounded Theory Institute 15081988
354N H ChuaRockefeller University15068935
355Theodor AdornoGoethe Universität Frankfurt am Main149163854
356Hiroshi TakedaKyoto University149150559
357Russell TracyUniversity of Vermont149142887
358Paul CostaDuke University Medical Center149136673
359A John RushDuke National University of Singapore149124114
360Richard A PosnerUniversity of Chicago149122965
361Joseph LeDouxNew York University149114070
362Gerald M RubinHoward Hughes Medical Institute149112248
363Cass R SunsteinHarvard University149111991
364David BatesHarvard Medical School149109555
365C N R RaoJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research149108695
366David SidranskyJohns Hopkins University149104248
367Christopher M DobsonUniversity of Cambridge14997614
368Paul R EhrlichStanford University14995996
369Kai SimonsMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG14995072
370Stefano ColafranceschiFlorida Institute of Technology14988940
371Yaakov SternColumbia University14988520
372David BakerUniversity of Washington14980739
373Ming T TsuangUniversity of California San Diego14976971
374Stacey GabrielBroad Institute Harvard MIT148176718
375Elinor OstromArizona State University148168777
376P Gabriel StegUniversité Paris 7 Diderot Sorbonne Paris-Cité148155052
377Michael I PosnerUniversity of Oregon148135767
378Richard M MyersHudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology148135572
379Alexei V FilippenkoUniversity of California Berkeley148127890
380Adriaan BaxNational Institutes of Health NIH148114782
381Frits R RosendaalLeiden University Medical Center148110222
382Vishva M DixitGenentech Inc148101687
383Richard D SmithPacific Northwest National Laboratory14897220
384Ian J DearyUniversity of Edinburgh14896997
385Giorgio TrinchieriNational Institutes of Health NIH14889853
386George PerryUniversity of Texas at San Antonio14885928
387Dirk InzeGhent University14875409
388Peter DruckerClaremont University147178878
389Rodney S RuoffUlsan National University147173157
390Jeffrey D Sachs147128144
391Robert A BaronOklahoma State University147111940
392Tien Yin WongSingapore National Eye Center147108483
393Pierre PetroffUniversity of California Santa Barbara147101598
394Christopher K GlassUniversity of California San Diego147100204
395Yang YangUniversity of California Los Angeles14796266
396Alan E KazdinYale University14793662
397Jian Kang ZhuPurdue University14791941
398Richard MayeuxColumbia University14784901
399Eduardo SalasRice University14782471
400Zhenan BaoStanford University14781972
401Itamar WillnerHebrew University of Jerusalem14780604
402Alan FershtUniversity of Cambridge14778057
403Tomas GanzUniversity of California Los Angeles14776748
404Alan S VerkmanUniversity of California San Francisco14770706
405John F HartwigUniversity of California Berkeley14770163
406Alessandro SetteLa Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology14769445
407Paul SlovicUniversity of Oregon146219011
408Kenneth J ArrowStanford University146200144
409Veysi Erkcan OzcanBogazici University146122730
410Arnold B BakkerErasmus University Rotterdam146120434
411Mauro VillaUniversità di Bologna;  Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Bologna146105600
412Colin Louis MastersUniversity of Melbourne146100475
413Raymond FreyUniversity of Oregon14696185
414Ted BelytschkoNorthwestern University14694667
415Richard A DeyoOregon Health & Science University14689218
416Prashant V KamatUniversity of Notre Dame14682272
417Robert MalenkaStanford University14681789
418Svante PaaboMax Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology 14679938
419Charles SerhanBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School14676949
420Kuo Chen ChouGordon Life Science Institute14662121
421Markus Büchler14661277
422Geoffrey HintonUniversity of Toronto145271835
423Andrew ZissermanOxford University145159062
424Matthias EggerUniversity of Bern145148782
425Yen Da ChenLunghwa University of Science145119634
426Mika KivimakiUniversity College London; University of Helsinki145110740
427James HermanUniversity of Pittsburgh145109613
428Philip JonesUniversity of East Anglia145106674
429Jukka T SalonenUniversity of Helsinki145102472
430Xabier AnduagaUniversidad Nacional de la Plata14596663
431Thomas C QuinnJohns Hopkins University14592724
432Antonella SuccurroUniversity of Cologne14584713
433Don W ClevelandUniversity of California San Diego14581620
434Nico van RooijenVUMC Amsterdam; Liposoma Science park Amsterdam14581314
435Michael A MoskowitzHarvard Medical School14577175
436Michel NussenzweigHoward Hughes Medical Institute; Rockefeller University14572498
437John E Ware JrUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School144177497
438Howard GardnerHarvard University144163441
439Gad GetzBroad Institute Harvard MIT144132646
440Michael F HolickBoston University144112348
441Thomas S HuangUniversity of Illinois Urbana Champaign144110678
442Jean Marie LehnCNRS144108420
443Eugene H BlackstoneUniversity of Alabama; Cleveland Clinic144103779
444Martin NowakHarvard University144103484
445Stephen ChanockNational Institutes of Health NIH14495597
446Andrew C HeathWashington University in St Louis14491469
447Gordon FreemanDana-Farber Cancer Institute; Harvard Medical School14488097
448Roberto CastelloÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne14487876
449Dante CicchettiUniversity of Minnesota14485878
450Stephen J O’BrienSt Petersburg  State University14485366
451J K NicholsonImperial College London14483711
452Kevin J GastonUniversity of Exeter14482064
453Jerrold M OlefskyUniversity of California San Diego14481985
454Bernhard PalssonUniversity of California San Diego14477261
455Mark J SmythQIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute14475571
456Robert TibshiraniStanford University143294133
457Cormac TaylorUniversity College Dublin143143037
458Omar YaghiUniversity of California Berkeley143137178
459Peter J SchwartzIRCCS Istituto Auxologico Italiano143125110
460Richard E MayerUniversity of California Santa Barbara143122706
461Stefan D AnkerCharité Berlin143121724
462Christof KochCalifornia Institute of Technology143117143
463Thomas J R HughesUniversity of Texas at Dallas143103395
464Sebastian ThrunStanford University14396458
465Guanrong ChenCity University of Hong Kong14392866
466Steven B HeymsfieldPennington Biomedical Research Center14389509
467Peter ReichUniversity of Minnesota14388752
468Clifford WoolfBoston Children’s Hopsital14387216
469T P RussellUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst14381908
470Kenneth M YamadaNational Institutes of Health NIH14378636
471Menachem ElimelechYale University14376344
472Edward L DeciAustralian Catholic University Sydney; University of Rochester; University College of Southeast Norway142247096
473Hannah ArendtStanford; Princeton; Yale; University of Chicago142217481
474Edward O WilsonMuseum of Comparative Zoology Harvard University142177012
475Panos DeloukasQueen Mary University of London142157025
476Robert R McCrae142140965
477Jean Marie TarasconCollege de France142132675
478Klaus HonscheidOhio State University142117441
479Carlos FrenkDurham University142113046
480Jean Pierre DesprésUniversitè Laval142112280
481Michael E GreenbergHarvard University142111714
482Hirokazu IshinoOkayama University; Tokyo Institute; University of Tokyo142106194
483Linda Darling HammondStanford University142103213
484Janice D ThomasThe Cancer Institute of New Jersey14299264
485Jean Luc BredasKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology14297064
486Helmut SiesHeinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf14293523
487Rattan Lal14291951
488Manel EstellerIDIBELL14290122
489Paul M VanhoutteUniversity of Hong Kong14287097
490John L HopperUniversity of Melbourne14285388
491Kyriacos NicolaouRice University14285373
492Niels BirbaumerUniversity of Tübingen; Wyss Center14283674
493David MooneyHarvard University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT; University of Michigan14278606
494Jay BelskyUniversity of California Davis14278032
495Antonios G MikosRice University14274397
496Barbara J SahakianUniversity of Cambridge14268304
497Daniel J JacobHarvard University14264973
498Andrei ShleiferHarvard University141268100
499Paul ZimmetMonash University; Baker IDI141181448
500M H CriquiUniversity of California San Diego141151904
501K M NarayanEmory University141148958
502Robert BonowNorthwestern University141131350
503Stephen G EllisCleveland Clinic141119217
504Pratap Chandra BeheraUniversity of Delhi141116173
505Tiziano RovelliIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Bologna141113837
506Tomaso PoggioMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT141106877
507Gérald Simonneau141105239
508Anders M DaleUniversity of California San Diego141103626
509Joe GrayOregon Health and Sciences University14199489
510Jorge Antonio Gómez LunaUniversidade de São Paulo14198500
511Wil van der AalstEindhoven University of Technology14192364
512Phaedon AvourisIBM14191646
513Joseph L WitztumUniversity of California San Diego14188961
514Seeram RamakrishnaNational University of Singapore14186920
515N J HalasRice University14183166
516Janet RossantUniversity of Toronto14177577
517Mark van LoosdrechtDelft University of Technology14175507
518Kazunori KataokaUniversity of Tokyo14173979
519Carl JuneUniversity of Pennsylvania14171926
520Karen A MatthewsUniversity of Pittsburgh14167828
521Kevin P CampbellUniversity of Iowa14166193
522Jan StaessenKU University of Leuven140148750
523John R AndersonCarnegie Mellon University140141985
524Peter HallUniversity of Melbourne140121924
525Deepak L BhattHarvard Medical School140118432
526Akihisa InoueJosai International University140115081
527Piotr Zalewski140111896
528William C KnowlerNational Institutes of Health NIH140101902
529Patrice DavidCNRS14097533
530Alberto AscherioHarvard University14094912
531Josef PenningerAustrian Academy of Sciences14092192
532D DasBARC14091097
533James JacksonUniversity of Cambridge14085926
534Ron D HaysUniversity of California Los Angeles14083394
535Jerry W ShayUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center14082543
536Hidde PloeghBoston Children’s Hospital14077601
537Baha M SibaiUniversity of Texas Houston14077044
538Craig HawkerUniversity of California Santa Barbara14075862
539M SchwaigerUCLA; University of Michigan; Technische Universität München14075604
540Niels E Skakkebaek #Rigshospitalet14073663
541Hasan MukhtarUniversity of Wisconsin Madison14071966
542Bente Klarlund PedersenRigshospitalet14070502
543John GabrieliMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT14070347
544michel lazdunskiInstitute Molecular Pharmacology CNRS; UCA Nice-Sophia Antipolis14069457
545Georgios B GiannakisUniversity of Minnesota14068263
546Danny ReinbergNYU School of Medicine14065556
547Pietro De CamilliYale University; Howard Hughes Medical Institute14061158
548Marco MarraBC Cancer139141772
549Stephen R DanielsUniversity of Colorado School of Medicine139113609
550James J GrossStanford University139107166
551Jim van OsMaastricht University Medical Centre13999774
552Adam HellerSynagile Corp and University of Texas13994468
553Steve P JacksonGurdon Institute13994262
554Paul J CrutzenMax-Planck-Institut für Chemie13993416
555Stylianos E AntonarakisUniversité de Genève13992277
556Ronald N JonesJMI Laboratories13991134
557Leslie L RobisonSt Jude Children’s Research Hospital13988561
558A TorresHospital Clinic Barcelona; Unversidad de Barcelona; Ciberes; Idibaps13986136
559Xiaoyuan ChenNational Institutes of Health NIH13985095
560Gyorgy BuzsakiNYU Neuroscience Institute13984894
561John W HutchinsonHarvard University13984183
562Vincent RajkumarMayo Clinic13981062
563Cesar VictoraUniversidade Federal de Pelotas; Johns Hopkins University13980935
564D G Evans13979517
565Pasko RakicYale University13977456
566Michael HaydenUniversity of British Columbia13976561
567Paul ElliottImperial College London13976268
568Richard J JohnsonUniversity of Washington; Baylor College of Medicine; University of Colorado13973677
569Vincenzo Di MarzoConsiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche13973489
570Martin C RaffUniversity College London13973243
571Chi Huey WongThe Scripps Research Institute; Academia Sinica13971858
572Olaf ReimerInnsbruck University13968152
573Daniel KahnemanPrinceton University138351718
574Albert László BarabásiNortheastern University; Harvard Medical School138203825
575Karl SwedbergUniversity of Gothenburg138131672
576Darwin J ProckopTexas A&M University138105846
577Joseph LoscalzoHarvard Medical School138105206
578Ignazio LazzizzeraUniversità di Trento13894072
579Henry GirouxMcMaster University13893323
580Frede BlaabjergAalborg University13887817
581Mark CooperMonash University13879874
582C M O’Connor13879872
583Peter A WijeratneUniversity College London13877704
584Murray B SteinUniversity of California San Diego13877510
585Masayori InouyeRutgers University13876102
586Raymond A DwekOxford University13875129
587Anders Pape MøllerUniversité Paris-Sud; CNRS AgroParisTech; Université Paris-Saclay13874729
588Clifford B SaperBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center13874560
589Yoshio BandoUniversity of Wollongong; National Institute of Materials Science13867998
590Francis V ChisariScripps Research Institute13859821
591Yoshua BengioUniversite de Montreal137170895
592Daron AcemogluMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT137130951
593Jonathan D JonesSainsbury Lab137107852
594Zulfiqar BhuttaCentre for Global Child Health Toronto137107637
595Roxana MehranMount Sinai School of Medicine137105857
596Ronald M KraussChildren’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute137105712
597Chen ChunchengInsitute of Chemistry137105503
598Rudolf FrühwirthInstitute of High Energy Physics OEAW137105135
599Jabal Rahmat HaedarHokkaido University137104706
600Carl NathanWeill Cornell Medical College137102095
601David H BarlowBoston University13797490
602Leontino BattistinUniversity of Padova13797352
603James M TourRice University13789964
604Kevin J TraceyFeinstein Institute for Medical Research13787991
605Naveed SattarUniversity of Glasgow13784625
606Stephane UdryUniversité de Genève13777390
607Dan GeschwindUniversity of California Los Angeles13773099
608Jeffrey HubbellEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne13772467
609Scott RauchMcLean Hospital Harvard13770618
610Andrew PardollJohns Hopkins University13699236
611Philip ButlerUniversity of Canterbury13698060
612James H BrownUniversity of New Mexico13694654
613Michele ParrinelloETH Zürich13691545
614Arul M ChinnaiyanUniversity of Michigan13691529
615Eric BoersmaErasmus University Medical Center13688183
616Damià BarcelóCatalan Institute for Water Research ICRA13687581
617Ignacio CiracMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG13685987
618A SteptoeUniversity College London13677261
619Marc FeldmannImperial College London; Oxford University13676433
620David G HarrisonVanderbilt University13675008
621Mikhail D lukinHarvard University13673348
622Mark M DavisStanford University13672387
623Wallace S BroeckerColumbia University13670470
624Barry J EverittUniversity of Cambridge13670422
625Mary StoryUniversity of Minnesota13669534
626Lorenzo MorettaIstituto G Gaslini13665166
627Jean TiroleToulouse School of Economics135129034
628Stephen CarpenterUniversity of Wisconsin Madison135120644
629Michael BoehnkeUniversity of Michigan135119600
630David Lopez MateosHarvard University135106367
631Bart De MoorKU University of Leuven135102695
632Stefano VenezianoIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare13599087
633Peter FonagyUniversity College London13597685
634George A Bray13594929
635Peter M RothwellOxford University13594004
636Rudolph E TanziHarvard Medical School13593671
637Ivan D ReidBrunel University13593049
638Tim J ColeUniversity College London13590781
639Clara D BloomfieldOhio State University13586822
640Steven A NarodWomen’s College Research Institute13586428
641William TravisMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center13585736
642Hector Garcia MolinaStanford University13582354
643Michael J MeaneyMcGill University13580998
644Randy D GascoyneUniversity of British Columbia13580213
645Kun Liang GuanUniversity of California San Diego13577422
646John LaraghCornell University13576768
647Brigid L HoganDuke University13576226
648Paul M MatthewsImperial College London13575369
649Nicholas P RestifoNational Institutes of Health NIH13572069
650Timothy BilliarUniversity of Pittsburgh13571621
651Keith RaynerUniversity of California San Diego13569209
652David GerdesUniversity of Michigan13568205
653John KrystalYale University13564461
654Simon C WatkinsUniversity of Pittsburgh13563572
655Mark H GinsbergUniversity of California San Diego13563453
656David FergussonUniversity of Otago13561955
657Silvia G PrioriIRCCS Maugeri Fundation; Universitá di Pavia; New York University134177978
658Charles M PerouUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill134143456
659Werner HackeRuprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg134115112
660Richard E PettyOhio State University134112995
661Shelley E TaylorUniversity of California Los Angeles134112414
662Janet M ThorntonEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory; European Institute of Bioinformatics134109192
663Alexandre VaniachineArgonne National Laboratory134105782
664Antonio LanzavecchiaETH Zürich13495916
665Julian ParkhillWellcome Trust Sanger Institute13491106
666Masashi YanagisawaUniversity of Tsukuba; University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center13490407
667Andrew HattersleyUniversity of Exeter13489145
668Bernard HenrissatCNRS13488891
669David S EisenbergUniversity of California Los Angeles13488468
670Joseph R EckerHoward Hughes Medical Institute; Salk Institute for Biological Studies13488130
671Adnan KastratiDeutsches Herzzentrum München13483342
672Nancy EisenbergArizona State University13481529
673Jack CuzickQueen Mary University of London13480342
674Rafi AhmedEmory Vaccine Center13479843
675Richard N ZareStanford University13478434
675Larry SwansonUniversity of Southern California13475495
677Philipp E SchererUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center13475495
678Daphne KollerStanford University13474764
679Ewout W SteyerbergErasmus University Medical Center13474031
680Claudiu T SupuranUniversita di Firenze13473218
681Robert R WolfeUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences13465140
682Cumran VafaHarvard University13464704
683Leonardo G CohenNational Institutes of Health NIH13464528
684Ruben C GurUniversity of Pennsylvania13462129
685Riccardo Dalla FaveraColumbia University13459983
686Richard PestellKimmel Cancer Center; Thomas Jefferson University13459508
687Paulo Freire133334171
688Matthias WeberUniversity of Luebeck133188033
689Steven SalzbergJohns Hopkins University133173786
690Jonathan D CohenPrinceton University133127979
691Carl FolkeRoyal Swedish Academy of Sciences133124514
692Dani RodrikInstitute for Advanced Study in Princeton133112030
693Michael WeberTechnische Universität München133108232
694Wang ShuoShanghai Normal University133104822
695Yehuda ShoenfeldSaint Petersburg State University13394857
696Philippe CiaisUniversité Paris Saclay13394023
697Hui Ming ChengChinese Academy of Sciences13389687
698Eija TuominenUniversity of Helsinki13388861
699Albert de la ChapelleOhio State University13386949
700Timothy HeckmanJohns Hopkins University13381963
701Peter A JonesVan Andel Research Institute13381769
702Massimo FilippiVita Salute San Raffaele University13381620
703Patrick M BossuytUniversity of Amsterdam13380911
704Dan BlazerDuke University13378573
705Valina L DawsonJohns Hopkins University13375690
706Paolo VineisImperial College London13375317
707CJ ChenAcademia Sinica13374679
708Ramamoorthy RameshUniversity of California Berkeley13374498
709Harry GrayCalifornia Institute of Technology13372541
710Helmuth MoehwaldMax-Planck-Institute of Colloids and Interfaces13370428
711Francisco HerreraUniversidad de Granada13369295
712Joseph P BroderickUniversity of Cincinnati13368962
713Werner PoeweMedical University of Innsbruck13368085
714Yusuf A HannunStony Brook Cancer Center13367739
715Steven F MaierUniversity of Colorado Boulder13361855
716Neal S YoungNational Institutes of Health NIH13358579
717Klein SamuelWashington University in St Louis132119554
718Alex Sandy PentlandMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT132113293
719Holger J SchunemannMcMaster University13292307
720Christie M BallantyneBaylor College of Medicine13291696
721Randy L BucknerHarvard University13290208
722Alicja WolkKarolinska Institute13286621
723Hartzell V SchaffMayo Clinic13283559
724Yury GogotsiDrexel University13282982
725Wolf SingerMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG13281693
726Garret A FitzGeraldUniversity of Pennsylvania13281563
727Hans Jürgen MöllerLudwig Maximilian University of Munich13278063
728Dan SteinUniversity of Cape Town13277417
729John M DavisUniversity of Illinois at Chicago13277091
730William Zev RymerNorthwestern University13276648
731G Marius CloreNational Institutes of Health NIH13275970
732Bruce E LoganPennsylvania State University13273468
733Karl DeisserothStanford University13271732
734Se Kwon KimPukyong National University13270785
735D Neil GrangerLouisiana State University Health Sciences Center13270474
736Wei ZhengVanderbilt University13268884
737Patrice NordmannUniversity of Fribourg13267433
738Lars KlareskogKarolinska Institute13267175
739Ari HeleniusETH Zürich13266748
740Rino RappuoliGSK Vaccines13266692
741Daniel PineNational Institutes of Health NIH13263637
742Patrick McgorryUniversity of Melbourne; Orygen13262593
743Anton M KoekemoerSpace Telescope Science Institute13259727
744Richard L HuganirJohns Hopkins University13259349
745Jacques PouyssegurUniversity of Nice; Centre Scientifique de Monaco13259178
746Michael A KammUniversity of Melbourne13258667
747B Brett FinlayUniversity of British Columbia13255812
748K S NovoselovUniversity of Manchester131253443
749Richard R NelsonColumbia University131179326
750Akira FujishimaTokyo University of Science131117818
751James HillUniversity of Colorado Denver131109112
752Wei WangUniversity of California Riverside131103812
753Joseph T CoyleHarvard Medical School131101774
754Laurence SteinbergTemple University13197030
755Francesco LongoUniversità degli Studi di Trieste13189867
756Christopher B FieldCarnegie Institution13182263
757C A Beltrami13180480
758Mark E ThompsonUniversity of Southern California; Princeton University; California Institute of Technology; Oxford University13180444
759Hediye Erdjument BromageMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center13179041
760Vijay Kumar KuchrooHarvard Medical School13179017
761Ben Zhong TangHong Kong University of Science and Technology13178835
762Jerry M MelilloMarine Biological Laboratory Woods Hole13176570
763Robert BastUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center13175638
764Gary GloverStanford University13174999
765Ryoji NoyoriNagoya University13174192
766Stuart LiptonUniversity of California San Diego13170348
767Mike WrightImperial College London13169967
768James J CollinsBoston University13168421
769Eva NegriUniversità degli Studi di Milano13168366
770Sven KreissÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne13166541
771Liming DaiCase Western Reserve University13165721
772John BaronUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill13165043
773N PerrimonHarvard Medical School13164042
774Taeghwan HyeonSeoul National University13163443
775Samuel F BerkovicUniversity of Melbourne13161902
776Shu ChienUniversity of California San Diego13161244
777Klaus LeyLa Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology13159210
778Stefan Thor Smith130184926
779Ya Ju LeeNational Taiwan Normal University130118340
780Giacomo RizzolattiUniversity of Parma130115711
781Stewart Wolmark130107197
782Debbie A LawlorUniversity of Bristol13099572
783Shanshan LiEunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development13093439
784Michael A HittTexas A&M University College Station13092759
785Russell BarkleyMedical University of South Carolina13084706
786Stanley NattelUniversité de Montréal13078922
787Alan SillTexas Tech University13077616
788Detlef WeigelMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG13074728
789Mark A RubinCornell University13073917
790Meinrat O AndreaeMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG13072542
791Stephen R DurhamImperial College London13071383
792Anthony JormUniversity of Melbourne13069340
793James LupskiBaylor College of Medicine13069087
794G Q Max LuUniversity of Surrey13068517
795David ChereshUniversity of California San Diego13066527
796Risto NäätänenUniversity of Tartu; University of Helsinki13066495
797H Phillip KoefflerUniversity of California Los Angeles13065681
798Jaap S Sinninghe DamsteNIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research; Utrecht University13064415
799Alvio RenziniOsservatorio Astronomico di Padova13064254
800Stefan H E KaufmannMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG13063850
801Jean Laurent CasanovaRockefeller University; Howard Hughes Medical Institute13063651
802Frank C VerhulstErasmus University Medical Center13062887
803David A KassJohns Hopkins University13060367
804Alessandro MorettaUniversity of Genova13060048
805Weihong TanUniversity of Florida; Hunan University; University of Michigan; Iowa state University13058249
806Michael BrammerKing’s College London13058050
807David A BrennerUniversity of California San Diego13056483
808Raquel GurUniversity of Pennsylvania13055164
809David S JohnsonColumbia University129224041
810Bernhard SchölkopfMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG129132029
811Teun A Van DijkPompeu Fabra University129112600
812Adrian BaumanSydney University129104218
813Phillip R ShaverUniversity of California Davis12998978
814Augusto Santiago CerqueiraFederal University of Juiz de Fora12996498
815George LoewensteinCarnegie Mellon University12994286
816John DeanfieldUniversity College London12992797
817Shigekazu NagataKyoto University12990361
818Simin LiuBrown University12987198
819Daniel PaulyUniversity of British Columbia12986516
820Sander GreenlandUniversity of California Los Angeles12985838
821Jaakko HärkönenUniversity of Helsinki12984933
822Stephen W SchererHospital for Sick Children12977449
823Johan OrmelUniversity Medical Center Groningen12972666
824M FavaMassachusetts General Hospital; Harvard Medical School12971036
825Beatrice H HahnUniversity of Pennsylvania12969478
826Pat McgeerUniversity of British Columbia12966866
827Mark SchiffmanNational Institutes of Health NIH12965970
828Peter VandenabeeleGhent University12965366
829elliot k fishmanJohns Hopkins Hospital12964698
830Steve P McGrathRothamsted Research Harpenden12963738
831Kristine YaffeUniversity of California San Francisco12961530
832Donna S NeubergDana-Farber Cancer Institute12961399
833Steven WofsyHarvard University12959784
834Robert MahleyGladstone Institutes12958446
835Jaime BoschUniversity of Barcelona; Bern University12956429
836Donald B RubinHarvard University128272504
837Karl PopperLondon School of Economics; University of London128170645
838Ali H MokdadUniversity of Washington128129235
839Graeme J HankeyUniversity of Western Australia128124988
840Victor MontoriMayo Clinic128124739
841Douglas S MasseyPrinceton University128118417
842Paul W ArmstrongUniversity of Alberta128117581
843Olgierd ZienkiewiczSwansea University128108653
844Luc Van GoolETH Zürich12899332
845Thomas IlligMedizinische Hochschule Hannover12898214
846Tom TylerYale University12891304
847Graham G GilesCancer Council Victoria12887094
848Julian BunnCalifornia Institute of Technology12885593
849L AravindNational Institutes of Health NIH12884149
850Richard BergmanCedars Sinai Medical Center12883335
851Norbert SchwarzUniversity of Southern California12883269
852M G KanatzidisNorthwestern University12881675
853Ernesto L SchiffrinMcGill University12881467
854Shlomo HavlinBar-Ilan University12879577
855Anthony HowellUniversity of Manchester12879315
856Martin McKeeLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine12879281
857Rutgers MatthieuEurope Hospital12878675
858Steven HenikoffFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center12877932
859Elson LongoUniversidade Estadual Paulista12877330
860David FinkelhorUniversity of New Hampshire12876274
861E W MeijerEindhoven University of Technology12875887
862Mark A RatnerNorthwestern University12875667
863Kazuhito HashimotoNational Institute for Materials Science Japan12872782
864Paul J HarrisonUniversity of British Columbia12871336
865Michael GimbroneBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School12871108
866Jes OlesenCapital Region Health12870884
867David Grahame HardieUniversity of Dundee12868577
868Dennis TurkUniversity of Washington12868462
869Tim Clutton BrockUniversity of Cambridge12868174
870Richard TsienNew York University12866290
871Peter ten DijkeLeiden University Medical Center12865203
872Ron KikinisBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School12863756
873Lewis E KayUniversity of Toronto12863026
874Steven J JacobsenKaiser Permanente12862859
875Helmut FriessTechnische Universität München12859785
876Joseph BonventreHarvard Medical School12859743
877Carlos F Barbas IIIScripps Research Institute12858696
878Jeffery D MolkentinCincinnati Children’s Hospital12854899
879David MoherOttawa Hospital Research Institute127201571
880Stephen W HawkingUniversity of Cambridge127142058
881Bruce J AvolioUniversity of Washington127120875
882Charles S CarverUniversity of Miami127117642
883Ian T FosterUniversity of Chicago; Argonne National Laboratory127114251
884Jonathan W LeeSandia National Laboratories127110700
885Jack DongarraUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville; Oak Ridge National Laboratory; University of Manchester127110371
886Jeongho Jay LeeUniversity of Tokyo127106327
887Bertrand LaforgeUniversité Pierre et Marie Curie127102834
888Frederick WolfeUniversity of Kansas127102653
889Nilesh SamaniUniversity of Leicester127101111
890Peter H BennettNational Institutes of Health NIH12797352
891Steven JonesGenome Sciences Centre12796523
892Dan RodenVanderbilt University12792767
893Kee Jun KimUniversity of Kansas Medical Center12791360
894Y F ZhangNational University of Singapore12791188
895David CunninghamRoyal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust12786426
896G D FarquharAustralian National University12783316
897John RobertsonUniversity of Cambridge12783276
898Jeremiah OstrikerColumbia University12782970
899Daniel F HayesUniversity of Michigan12780413
900Susumu SatoNational Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory12777559
901Volker SpringelHeidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies; Heidelberg University12775474
902Jerry Avorn12773884
903Sanjiv S GambhirStanford University12773865
904Hakon HakonarsonChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia; University of Pennsylvania12773798
905Grant MontgomeryUniversity of Queensland12772058
906John M ButlerNational Institute of Standards and Technology12771597
907Richard DixonUniversity of North Texas12771007
908Richard SimonNational Institutes of Health NIH12770725
909P CouvreurUniversité Paris Sud12769842
910Robert L ByerStanford University12768302
911Michel GoedertUniversity of Cambridge12767934
912Yuman FongCity of Hope Medical Center12767177
913Donald PatrickUniversity of Washington12766238
914Don TowsleyUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst12765863
915Joseph HuppNorthwestern University; Argonne National Laboratory12765784
916Rodolfo R LlinasNYU Medical School12764806
917Nicolas GisinUniversity of Geneva12764315
918Doug SoltisUniversity of Florida12763084
919Thomas R CechUniversity of Colorado Boulder12762463
920Marco ColonnaWashington University St Louis12758635
921Rob IvisonUniversity of Edinburgh12758314
922Xiaoyuan Shawn ChenNational Institutes of Health NIH12757785
923Chuxia DengUniversity of Macau12756600
924Dianne Neumark SztainerUniversity of Minnesota12756234
925Kevin MarshOxford University12755457
926Russell GlasgowUniversity of Colorado Denver12754864
927max d cooper12753976
928James C PaulsonScripps Research Institute12752881
929Shu Hong YuUniversity of Science and Technology of China12751248
930Douglas ScottUniversity of British Columbia126150111
931Elaine MardisOhio State University126131289
932Craig RogersHenry Ford Hospital126127918
933Deborah EstrinCornell University; NYC Tech126117855
934Eduardo Damião da SilvaPontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná126105934
935Allan I LeveyEmory University12687739
936David AudretschIndiana University12685729
937Peter LinsleyBenaroya Research Institute12683605
938Donal D C BradleyUniversity of Oxford12682065
939Ralf UlrichKarlsruhe Universität für Technologie12681850
940Claude Robert CloningerWashington University in St Louis12681133
941G Gary WangSimon Fraser University12679981
942Christos H PapadimitriouUniversity of California Berkeley12679585
943Clive OsmondUniversity of Cambridge12675643
944Anders HagfeldtÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne12675010
945Dario AlessiUniversity of Dundee12674354
946P Henson12674183
947Bruno S FreyUniversity of Basel12674127
948T PoynardAPHP; UPMC; INSERM; BioPredictive12673861
949David R WilliamsHarvard School of Public Health12673844
950Stephen GrossbergBoston University12673439
951Jesús San MiguelClínica Universidad de Navarra12673298
952Theodor HaenschMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG12671569
953Nick C FoxUniversity College London12670887
954Stephen JacksonUniversity of Cambridge12670410
955Terence G LangdonUniversity of Southampton; University of Southern California12670177
956Patrick BaeuerleAMGEN Research Munich GmbH12670013
957Kevin StruhlHarvard Medical School12669401
958Hua ZhangCity University of Hong Kong12668799
959Carlos M DuarteKing Abdullah University of Science and Technology12668274
960James McGaughUniversity of California Irvine12666986
961Peter GoadsbyKing’s College London12666830
962David Julian McClementsUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst12666568
963David GoldmanNational Institutes of Health NIH12666322
964Mitchell A LazarUniversity of Pennsylvania12664551
965Francesco MontorsiVita Salute San Raffaele University12663121
966Bruce R BlazarUniversity of Minnesota12662511
967Kian Fan ChungImperial College London12662304
968Morris F WhiteHarvard University12661430
969James E RothmanYale University12660637
970Moshe OrenWeizmann Institute of Science12658601
971Huda AkilUniversity of Michigan12658442
972John A EismanGarvan Institute of Medical Research12657610
973Morgan ShengGenentech Inc12656453
974Jean Pierre IssaCoriell Institute for Medical Research12656187
975Derek YellonUniversity College London12655521
976Peter GrussMax-Planck-Society and Okinawa Institute of Technology12655291
977Alan R TallColumbia University12653965
978Robert G PartonUniversity of Queensland12653186
979Scott D EmrCornell University12651502
980Richard DurbinWellcome Trust Sanger Institute125168090
981George BakrisUniversity of Chicago125128198
982Lawrence J AppelJohns Hopkins University12599119
983Wouter JukemaLeiden University Medical Center12590730
984Y J LiuBirmingham; Schering Plough; DNAX; MD Anderson; Medimmune12584530
985Robert SchreiberWashington University in St Louis12584109
986Andrew J Stewart CoatsMonash University; Warwick University12582356
987Vilmundur GudnasonUniversity of Iceland12580878
988Rajkumar BuyyaUniversity of Melbourne; ManjraSoft12580409
989H V PoorPrinceton University12578363
990Steven RunningUniversity of Montana12576868
991Martin A GreenUniversity of New South Wales12575819
992Steven DeKoskyUniversity of Florida12575815
993Mietek JaroniecKent State University12575756
994Antonia TrichopoulouNational Kapodistrian University of Athens12575146
995Michael PollakUniversity of California Riverside12573749
996J C GoreVanderbilt University12571048
997Neville OwenBaker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute12570296
998Michael NealeVirginia Commonwealth University12570162
999James Allison12566540
1000Lihong V WangWashington University in St Louis12566477
1001Paul G FalkowskiRutgers University12564642
1002Robert C HaddonUniversity of California Riverside12564181
1003Gerald R PattersonOregon Social Learning Center12564162
1004David HaflerYale University12563822
1005Hermann WagnerTechnische Universität München12563160
1006Cisca WijmengaUniversity Medical Center Groningen12562994
1007Abass AlaviUniversity of Pennsylvania12562661
1008James N IhleSt Jude Children’s Research Hospital12561686
1009Joachim MaierMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG12560559
1010Erwin F WagnerCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas CNIO12560424
1011James D GriffinDana-Farber Cancer Institute12558671
1012Joachim HeinrichLudwig Maximilian University of Munich; Helmholtz; GSF12557735
1013Diego F TorresInstitute of Space Sciences12557608
1014Anita ReimerUniversity of Innsbruck12557246
1015Pim CuijpersVU University Amsterdam12556156
1016Mark W ChaseRoyal Botanic Gardens Kew12556089
1017Stefan FunkStanford University; SLAC; FAU Erlangen12555950
1018Mark HorowitzStanford University12553716
1019Geoffrey MarcyUniversity of California Berkeley12552802
1020Richard A MathiesUniversity of California Berkeley12551133
1021Erich NiggUniversity of Basel12550616
1022Robert MertonColumbia University124186219
1023Trevor HastieStanford University124151157
1024José M OrdovásTufts University12491896
1025Peter J LangUniversity of Florida12489763
1026Jacob SelhubTufts University12486752
1027Fernando MartinezCornell University12483812
1028Eric JansenEuro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change12483804
1029Allan BradleyWellcome Trust Sanger Institute12480029
1030Bruno Dubois12474366
1031Brian T ChaitRockefeller University12472841
1032Jeeseon SongUniversity of Michigan12471811
1033Zdenek BazantNorthwestern University12468452
1034T W J HuizingaLeiden University Medical Center12467333
1035Guy RouleauMontreal Neurological Institute and Hospital12467234
1036Robert KlonerHuntington Medical Resesarch Institute12466905
1037Anirban MaitraUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center12466554
1038Michael O’DonovanCardiff University12466317
1039Qutayba HamidUniversity of Sharjah12464323
1040Jeff DahnDalhousie University12463627
1041A H MacDonaldUniversity of Texas at Dallas12462622
1042Joanne ChorySalk Institute for Biological Studies; Howard Hughes Medical Institute12461873
1043James EhleringerUniversity of Utah12461583
1044E R de KloetLeiden University12461359
1045Charles AntzelevitchLankenau Institute for Medical Research12461296
1046Csaba SzaboUniversity of Fribourg12461003
1047Warren OlanowIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai12460047
1048Yaroslav A BerdnikovPeter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University12459148
1049Michael W KattanCleveland Clinic12458567
1050Susanta PalVariable Energy Cyclotron Centre12456837
1051Edward C HolmesUniversity of Sydney12456756
1052Javier Bilbao de MendizabalMelexis12456300
1053Per BrandtzaegUniversity of Oslo12455943
1054George A KaplanUniversity of Michigan12454942
1055Kurunthachalam KannanSUNY at Albany; Wadsworth Center12454804
1056John C WingfieldUniversity of California Davis12454511
1057Anders EkbomKarolinska Institute12454278
1058Bryan R CullenDuke University12454193
1059Herman WaldmannOxford University12453758
1060Pascale Cossart12452879
1061Paolo Sassone CorsiUniversity of California Irvine12451736
1062Charles DermerNaval Research Laboratory12450630
1063Gustavo E ScuseriaRice University123224505
1064Mostafa A El SayedGeorgia Institute of Technology123111010
1065Oluf PedersenUniversity of Copenhagen123110747
1066Christian GiegerHelmholtz Zentrum München123101549
1067John AllisonGeant4 Associates International Ltd12395023
1068Qy ZhangSouth China University12390971
1069Pak ShamUniversity of Hong Kong12389415
1070Frank WilczekMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT12385654
1071Christos FaloutsosCarnegie Mellon University12381829
1072Richard P Van DuyneNorthwestern University12380039
1073Didier DuboisCNRS12378520
1074Nicholas EggertCornell University12374711
1075Simon LevinPrinceton University12373662
1076Joseph LauBrown University12371296
1077Marinus van IJzendoornLeiden University; Erasmus University Rotterdam12370512
1078Frank McCormickUniversity of California San Francisco12369982
1079Robert Graham CooksPurdue University12369861
1080Meletios Athanasios DimopoulosNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens12368975
1081Patrick F SullivanUniversity of North Carolina; Karolinska Institutet12367368
1082Greg J DuncanUniversity of California Irvine12364081
1083Katsuhiko MikoshibaRIKEN12364072
1084Scott L FriedmanIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai12363237
1085Carlos A Camargo JrMassachusetts General Hospital12363190
1086Locatelli FrancoUniversity of Pavia; Ospedale Bambino Gesù Roma; Policlinico San Matteo12362599
1087John NeoptolemosRuprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg12361640
1088Dennis P LettenmaierUniversity of Washington12361286
1089H A VerbrughErasmus University Medical Center12360497
1090Hongjiang ZhangKingSoft12360475
1091Eliane Gluckman12358063
1092Frank CarusoUniversity of Melbourne12357147
1093Philip C KendallTemple University12356313
1094Kevin C JonesLancaster University12355551
1095Philip CalderUniversity of Southampton12354579
1096Kurunthachalam KannanNSIT12353956
1097Gerhard WagnerHarvard Medical School12353049
1098Dinshaw J PatelMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center12352221
1099David J KwiatkowskiBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School12352156
1100Matt McGueUniversity of Minnesota12351851
1101Godfrey Pearlson12351267
1102Jitendra MalikUniversity of California Berkeley122154587
1103Slavoj ZizekBirkbeck Institute for the Humanities122118103
1104Edwin A LockeUniversity of Maryland122111947
1105Zhihua Liang122107600
1106Richard CooperLoyola University Chicago122105040
1107Beverley BalkauINSERM122101883
1108Scott SolomonBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School122100775
1109Jacob IsraelachviliUniversity of California Santa Barbara122100395
1110Hideo HosonoTokyo Institute of Technology12298805
1111Ion StoicaUniversity of California Berkeley12295537
1112David CullerUniversity of California Berkeley12294885
1113Guy SalvesenSanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute12287638
1114Colin PrenticeImperial College London12283193
1115Peter BurgerJohns Hopkins University12277122
1116J Andrew McCammonUniversity of California San Diego12274023
1117Stephen SafeTexas A&M University College Station12272468
1118Wang ErkangChangchun Institue of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Science12271183
1119A David SmithUniversity of Oxford; MRC12268027
1120Giuseppe VialeUniversità di Milano; Istituto Europeo di Oncologia12267890
1121A CiechanoverTechnion Israel Institute of Technology12267480
1122Takashi SaitoRIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences12267414
1123Andreas StrasserWalter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research12266117
1124Andrei LindeStanford University12265801
1125Peter McGuffinKing’s College London12265172
1126Steven DenBaarsUniversity of California Santa Barbara12264114
1127Vladimir UverskyUniversity of South Florida; Russian Academy of Sciences RAS12263951
1128Michael E LambUniversity of Cambridge12263134
1129Robert W McCarleyHarvard Medical School12262610
1130Steven A HillyardUniversity of California San Diego12262287
1131Kelly D BrownellDuke University12260593
1132Lawrence SteinmanStanford University12259362
1133Anthony DavidKing’s College London12259154
1134Arthur L BeaudetBaylor College of Medicine12259071
1135Domenico PalliISPO12258337
1136John J OsheaNational Institutes of Health NIH12257776
1137Eric N JacobsenHarvard University12255897
1138Kevin C JonesLancaster University12255779
1139J Silvio GutkindMoores Cancer Center12254859
1140Robert J GencoUniversity at Buffalo SUNY12254684
1141Lee EllisUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center12254283
1142Sergio GrinsteinHospital for Sick Children12253496
1143Thomas E MalloukPennsylvania State University12253127
1144Adolfo Garcia SastreIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai12252716
1145Denis BastieriUniversity of Padova12252642
1146Simon WesselyKing’s College London12252475
1147Mithat GönenMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center12252145
1148Simona MurgiaUniversity of California Irvine12251974
1149James Robert DurrantImperial College London12251244
1150Dorothy V M BishopOxford University12250583
1151Ahmed H Zewail12250516
1152James M SwansonUniversity of California Irvine12248041
1153Joseph HeitmanDuke University12246878
1154Masatoshi NeiPennsylvania State University121327120
1155Alan D LopezUniversity of Melbourne121150472
1156Linus PaulingCalifornia Institute of Technology121111636
1157Peter SaloveyYale University121104127
1158George CalinUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center12199359
1159Morten Dam JørgensenTerma A S12194729
1160James Kyung Jin LeeUniversity of California Irvine12188324
1161David A BluemkeNational Institutes of Health NIH12186769
1162Christos S MantzorosHarvard Medical School12183408
1163Altan CakirIstanbul Technical University12182801
1164Paul B BaltesWayne State University12177861
1165Daniel J KlionskyUniversity of Michigan12177027
1166Peter T FoxUniversity of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio12176794
1167Nick JenningsUniversity of Southampton12175892
1168Anton ZeilingerUniversity of Vienna12174109
1169Hyonny KimUniversity of California San Diego12173511
1170Arthur S SlutskyUniversity of Toronto12171888
1171R J CavaPrinceton University12171716
1172Matthew W GillmanHarvard Medical School12171139
1173John OravBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School12169728
1174Kristine E EnsrudUniversity of Minnesota12169011
1175Laurence ZitvogelInstitut Gustave Roussy; Université de Paris Saclay; INSERM12167719
1176Andrew SingletonNational Institutes of Health NIH12167661
1177David RubinszteinUniversity of Cambridge12167321
1178Martin RavallionGeorgetown University12165835
1179Douglas T GolenbockUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School12165566
1180Jon ClardyHarvard Medical School12165248
1181Ha QuigleyJohns Hopkins University12164854
1182Daniel WeisdorfUniversity of Minnesota12164658
1183Yosef YardenWeizmann Institute12164492
1184Gert PfurtschellerGraz University of Technology12163207
1185Gerard KarsentyColumbia University12162813
1186Jack RothUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center12161561
1187Ara DarziImperial College London12159947
1188Anthony DemetrisUniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Center12159927
1189Stanley RapoportNational Institutes of Health NIH12159816
1190Richard SchulzUniversity of Pittsburgh12159662
1191Gilbert LaporteCIRRELT; HEC Montréal12159469
1192Jonathan R SecklUniversity of Edinburgh12159301
1193James DumesicUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison12159018
1194Leaf HuangUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill12157372
1195Larry J SeidmanHarvard Medical School12156640
1196Mark GriffithsNottingham Trent University12156481
1197Glyn LewisUniversity College London12156005
1198Eric HorvitzMicrosoft Research12155377
1199Gerbrand CederUniversity of California Berkeley12155224
1200Mcarthur Justin CharlesJohns Hopkins University12154262
1201David I PerrettUniversity of St Andrews12153308
1202W Allen HauserColumbia University12153085
1203R A NorthUniversity of Manchester12152557
1204Wolfgang WernsdorferKarlsruhe Universität für Technologie; Institut Néel CNRS12151997
1205Yehezkel Ben AriIBEN12151286
1206Peng ShiUniversity of Adelaide12150824
1207Rand D CongerUniversity of California Davis12150486
1208Aziz Sancar12149245
1209Jon Driver (1962 2011)University College London12148789
1210Foo Yew LiewUniversity of Glasgow12147835
1211Savio L Y WooUniversity of Pittsburgh12147598
1212Simon C GandeviaNeuroscience Research Australia12146885
1213Bo Barker JørgensenAarhus University12145875
1214James G MarchStanford University120253968
1215Keiji Morokuma120210681
1216David HarveyCity University of New York120210669
1217Jerome FriedmanStanford University120142479
1218Paul Ekman120134732
1219Jurgen RehmCentre for Addiction and Mental Health120102992
1220Susan FiskePrinceton University120101324
1221Peter J KoudstaalErasmus University Medical Center12098812
1222William L JorgensenYale University12096388
1223David M SabatiniWhitehead Institute; MIT; Howard Hughes Medical Institute12091782
1224J RouleauUniversite de Montreal12090322
1225Stanley L HazenCleveland Clinic12083294
1226John G MchutchisonGilead12082580
1227Hiroshi Maeda12080948
1228Shanhui FanStanford University12078529
1229Henri PradeCNRS; University of Technology Sydney12076556
1230Steven C HayesUniversity of Nevada Reno12075850
1231Shahrokh F ShariatMedical University of Vienna12074057
1232Jiandi ZhangLouisiana State University12074002
1233Dan LeeInstitute for Genomic Research12072673
1234Thomas WaddenUniversity of Pennsylvania12068607
1235George Q DaleyBoston Children’s Hospital Harvard Medical School12066196
1236Fereidoon ShahidiMemorial University of Newfoundland12065031
1237Ronald S DumanYale University12064917
1238Paul Peter TakGlaxoSmithKline; Academic Medical Center; Cambridge University; Ghent University12063503
1239Daniel W NebertUniversity of Cincinnati Medical Center12062836
1240Anjana RaoHarvard Medical School12062728
1241George M ShawUniversity of Pennsylvania12062560
1242Harrison G PopeHarvard University12062426
1243Fred C LeeVirginia Tech12062307
1244Jimmy C YuChinese University of Hong Kong12061724
1245Hashem B El SeragBaylor College of Medicine12061686
1246Ashok AgarwalCleveland Clinic12061628
1247Ulrich HartlMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG12061416
1248Paul PharoahUniversity of Cambridge12060201
1249Nicola MaffulliUniversity of Salerno12059673
1250Clemens KirschbaumTechnische Universität Dresden12059599
1251Glen H Elder Jr University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill12059309
1252Donald Pfaff12058784
1253P B JonesUniversity of Cambridge12058510
1254Thomas LookHarvard Medical School12058485
1255Jack M FletcherUniversity of Houston12058226
1256Barry HonigColumbia University12057602
1257Stephen MannUniversity of Bristol12057284
1258Peter M LewinsohnOregon Research Institute12057157
1259Jacob Moulijn12056072
1260Cornelis MeliefUniversiteit van Leiden12055979
1261Paul DevroeyUniversiteit Brussel12055882
1262Thomas MarwickBaker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute12055355
1263I GotlibStanford University12055218
1264Warren J LeonardNational Heart Lung and Blood Institute12054238
1265Richard E TremblayUniversite de Montreal12053312
1266Michael SheetzNational University of Singapore12052581
1267Hugh PossinghamNature Conservancy12050734
1268Alfonso CaramazzaHarvard University12050347
1269Richard J MillerNorthwestern University12047461
1270Andrew H KnollHarvard University12047094
1271Angus C NairnYale University12044986
1272Lev Davidovich LandauMoscow State University; Russian Academy of Sciences RAS119129132
1273Stephen M SmithOxford University119118359
1274Dariush MozaffarianFriedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy119111691
1275John SpertusSaint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute; University of Missouri119104349
1276Jacob SeidellVU University Amsterdam119102678
1277Gunnar von HeijneStockholm University11999787
1278Alan KruegerPrinceton University11993059
1279J PinaLIP11991633
1280Steven E KahnVA Puget Sound Health Care System; University of Washington11982288
1281Leslee ShawWeill Cornell Medicine11982040
1282Henry J SnaithUniversity of Oxford11974999
1283Attilio MaseriHeart Care Foundation Onlus11973009
1284Alexander GudeIntuit11969374
1285Mark I JohnsonLeeds Metropolitan University11967600
1286Maurizio PratoUniversità di Trieste11967572
1287William S LaneHarvard University11967001
1288David J GreenblattTufts University11966139
1289Teresa E SeemanUniversity of California Los Angeles11965713
1290Alan W PartinJohns Hopkins University11964023
1291John GiesyUniversity of Saskatchewan11963805
1292Tom CurranUniversity of Pennsylvania11962288
1293Marco van LeeuwenNikhef; Utrecht University11962116
1294Arthur KramerUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign11961880
1295Paras N PrasadUniversity at Buffalo SUNY11961692
1296Jordan GrafmanNorthwestern University11961205
1297Michael MerzenichUniversity of California San Francisco; Posit Science11959529
1298Georg SchettUniversitätsklinikum Erlangen11959491
1299David BrentUniversity of Pittsburgh11959078
1300David G AmaralUniversity of California Davis11959069
1301A M LozanoUniversity Health Network Canada11958960
1302Shouheng SunBrown University11958918
1303Kenneth Walsh11958560
1304Daniel J DruckerLunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute; Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto11958397
1305Rajesh Agarwal11958318
1306Richard M RansohoffBiogen11958090
1307Guillermo Garcia ManeroUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center11957901
1308Kenneth PientaUniversity of Michigan11957870
1309Yonggang HuangNorthwestern University11957593
1310Peter NordlanderRice University11957561
1311Ajit VarkiUniversity of California San Diego11956820
1312Klaus Peter LeschUniversität Würzburg11956632
1313Ho Kwang MaoCarnegie Institution for Science11956461
1314Arthur M KriegCheckmate Pharma11955964
1315Mark D’EspositoUniversity of California Berkeley11955044
1316William E EvansSt Jude Children’s Research Hospital11954465
1317Luis M Liz MarzánCIC biomaGUNE11953994
1318Arne HolmgrenKarolinska Institute11952803
1319Ian SmailDurham University11952566
1320Christopher E M GriffithsUniversity of Manchester11952389
1321Peter Arner11951841
1322Donald F HuntUniversity of Virginia11951757
1323Richard I MorimotoNorthwestern University11951581
1324Martin Ernst SchwabUniversität Zurich; ETH Zurich11951231
1325William M PardridgeUniversity of California Los angeles11949419
1326Michael WagnerUniversity of Vienna11948844
1327Hannele Yki JärvinenUniversity of Helsinki11948732
1328Paul WorleyJohns Hopkins University11948387
1329Arthur WeissUniversity of California San Francisco11947938
1330R Mark WightmanUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill11947696
1331Robert I LehrerUniversity of California Los Angeles11947453
1332Frances ArnoldCalifornia Institute of Technology11946756
1333Stephen BadylakUniversity of Pittsburgh11946578
1334Nathana FoxUniversity of Maryland College Park11945402
1335George SheldrickGoettingen University118313707
1336Georg KresseUniversity of Vienna118221706
1337Milton FriedmanUniversity of Chicago118172447
1338Alejandro PortesPrinceton University118132745
1339Ewan BirneyEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory; European Institute of Bioinformatics118129192
1340Alan M RugmanUniversity of Reading118126136
1341Paul A SamuelsonMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT118124831
1342Friedrich HayekLSE; University of Chicago; University of Freiburg118117130
1343Mary CushmanUniversity of Vermont118110936
1344Shankar SastryUniversity of California Berkeley118101927
1345Olivier J BlanchardMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT11899100
1346Carol DweckStanford University11899047
1347M J BrownUniversity of Cambridge11887908
1348Michael A HoggClaremont Graduate University11885036
1349Flemming BesenbacherAarhus University11885035
1350Carol BrayneUniversity of Cambridge11884210
1351E Tory HigginsColumbia University11879617
1352Yajun WangMicrosoft Research11876872
1353Peter VisscherUniversity of Queensland11876282
1354Daniel SimberloffUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville11874473
1355Arne AstrupUniversity of Copenhagen11872961
1356R M AndersonImperial College London11870568
1357Ronald R YagerIona College11869706
1358Mario Gerla11869379
1359Charles DeCarliUniversity of California Davis11868005
1360Brent N HolbenGoddard Space Flight Center11865138
1361Jeffrey E LeeUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center11860497
1362Henrik Toft SorensenAarhus University11859326
1363Elaine HolmesImperial College London11859202
1364William B IsaacsJohns Hopkins University11859119
1365Michael DustinOxford University11858527
1366Giulio GabbianiProfesseur Honoraire de Pathlogie Universitè de Genève11858472
1367Robert Berner (1935 2015)Yale University11858448
1368Dennis BaldocchiUniversity of California Berkeley11858119
1369John J VoorheesUniversity of Michigan11856041
1370Johann Cohen TanugiUniversité Montpellier 2; IN2P3 CNRS11854850
1371Robert RicklefsUniversity of Missouri St Louis11854755
1372Robert WeinrebUniversity of California San Diego11854713
1373Naomi BreslauMichigan State University11853863
1374Harry V VintersUniversity of California Los Angeles11853851
1375Geraldine DawsonDuke University11853751
1376Mark A GeyerUniversity of California San Diego11853070
1377J Douglas BremnerEmory University11852665
1378Jan ConradStockholm University11852573
1379Aldo MorselliIstituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare; Università Roma Tor Vergata11852465
1380Elias AnaissieUniversity of Cincinnati11852231
1381Randall T MoonUniversity of Washington11852117
1382Luke O’Neill11852109
1383Patrick MaisonneuveIstituto Europeo di Oncologia11851523
1384Tullio PozzanUniversity of Padova11850613
1385Elisabetta DejanaUniversity of Milan11850438
1386Nicholas A KotovUniversity of Michigan11850429
1387John MekalanosHarvard University11850012
1388Robert W SnowKEMRI11849826
1389Lawrence Que Jr University of Minnesota11848954
1390John TainerScripps Research Institute; Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory11847304
1391William F DeGradoUniversity of California San Francisco11846370
1392Steffen GayUniversity Hospital of Zurich11845814
1393Robert J BarroHarvard University117160558
1394William Dietz117156182
1395Talcott ParsonsHarvard University117147837
1396Andrew D OxmanNorwegian Institute of Public Health117106095
1397U de FaireKarolinska Institute11793441
1398David L ClementsImperial College London11788497
1399Zhang JianmingChangsha University of Science and Technology11782018
1400Jiang HeTulane University11778898
1401Soo Young LeeKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology11777843
1402Jesse A BerlinJanssen Research and Development11776369
1403J Richard BondUniversity of Toronto11775535
1404Kunhong KimYonsei University11773321
1405Dananiel E FurstUCLA11772511
1406Fernando D MartinezUniversity of Arizona11771472
1407Paul I TerasakiTerasaki Foundation11769867
1408Gaetano ThieneUniversity of Padova11769369
1409Jonathan WilliamsUniversity of Hawaii11768783
1410Bharat BhushanOhio State University11768338
1411Alan S PerelsonLos Alamos National Laboratory11767181
1412Yuri KivsharAustralian National University11765383
1413Teja TscharntkeUniversity of Göttingen11765310
1414Peter WalterHoward Hughes Medical Institute; University of California San Francisco11764658
1415Raymond RosenNew England Research Institutes11764314
1416Rasmus NielsenUniversity of California Berkeley; University of Copenhagen11763620
1417Andrew PhillipsUniversity College London11762693
1418Henry McQuay11762239
1419Robert K HeatonUniversity of California San Diego11760990
1420Shaojun DongChangchun Institue of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences11759948
1421S J H van DeventerLeiden University Medical Center11759928
1422Peter LiuUniversity of Ottawa; University of Toronto11759398
1423Patricia A GanzUniversity of California Los Angeles11759170
1424William L GriffinMacquarie University11758415
1425William L GriffinMacquarie University11758363
1426Alexis T BellUniversity of California Berkeley11758247
1427Hiroo KanamoriCalifornia Institute of Technology11757308
1428Peter K GregersenRobert S Boas Center for Genomics and Human Genetics11757247
1429Eleftherios DiamandisUniversity of Toronto11755788
1430David ClaphamHarvard University11755593
1431Frank S BatesUniversity of Minnesota11755166
1432Steven P NolanGhent University11755131
1433Robert G BergmanUniversity California Berkeley11755070
1434Ken DonaldsonUniversity of Edinburgh11754667
1435William C SessaYale University11754529
1436William CatalonaNorthwestern University11754247
1437Stefan W HellMax Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry; Max Planck Institute for Medical Research11753171
1438Adriano AguzziUniversity Hospital Zurich11753033
1439Chris SomervilleUniversity of California Berkeley11752203
1440Laurent PoirelUniversity of Fribourg11751192
1441Donald BersUniversity of California Davis11750979
1442Lynn S FuchsVanderbilt University11749930
1443Lutz BirnbaumerUniversity of Buenos Aires11749671
1444Ken’ichi NomotoKavli IPMU; University of Tokyo11748320
1445Aaron HsuehStanford University11747863
1446Julian SchroederUniversity of California San Diego11747835
1447Michael GogginsJohns Hopkins University11747631
1448Wim H SarisMaastricht University11745137
1449Helen ChristensenUniversity of New South Wales11744821
1450R S J SparksUniversity of Bristol11743619
1451Henry MintzbergMcGill University116194425
1452B F SkinnerHarvard University116153529
1453Andrew NgStanford University116113511
1454Yann LecunNew York University116100724
1455David N SpergelFlatiron Institute11697562
1456R PrenticeFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center11696655
1457Robert CostanzaAustralian National University11692598
1458Igor RudanUniversity of Edinburgh11691601
1459Edward GlaeserHarvard University11690818
1460Jason LeeUniversity of North Florida11686274
1461Robert Wayne AlexanderEmory University11684560
1462Uta FrithUniversity College London11683696
1463Heribert SchunkertDeutsches Herzzentrum München11682492
1464S PileriUniversità di Bologna11679851
1465Ben ShneidermanUniversity of Maryland College Park11678894
1466Abraham Z SnyderWashington University in St Louis11678812
1467G W AlbersStanford University11675080
1468George A OlahUniversity of Southern California11674856
1469Joe SilkInstitut d’Astrophysique de Paris CNRS; Johns Hopkins University11672568
1470Daniel TranelUniversity of Iowa11669842
1471Kenneth M MurphyWashington University in St Louis11667905
1472Laura FratiglioniKarolinska Institute11667139
1473Susumu KitagawaKyoto University11662101
1474Compton J TuckerNASA11661527
1475Bruce D HammockUniversity of California Davis11660317
1476Xian Hua LiInstitute of Geology and Geophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences11660266
1477James W Head IIIBrown University11657726
1478Stephen GalliStanford University11657679
1479Jean DecetyUniversity of Chicago11656698
1480Gang ChenMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT11656370
1481Didier PittetUniversity of Geneva Hospitals11656229
1482Leonidas GuibasStanford University11655764
1483David SpiegelStanford University11654598
1484Ellis ReinherzDana Farber Cancre Institute11654417
1485Michael MaesChulalongkorn University11653723
1486Alex K Y JenCity University of Hong Kong11653457
1487Joan SteitzYale University11653292
1488Peter MészárosPennsylvania State University11653094
1489Gene Jack WangNational Institutes of Health NIH11652301
1490Fred R VolkmarYale University11651772
1491R QuirionUniversité McGill11651581
1492Kenneth S SuslickUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign11650616
1493Arturo CasadevallAlbert Einstein College of Medicine11650341
1494Pieter R CullisUniversity of British Columbia11649220
1495Jillian BanfieldUniversity of California Berkeley11649168
1496Ali Khademhosseini11648569
1497Shree NayarColumbia University11648037
1498B C FauserUniversity Medical Center Utrecht11648018
1499Mosè MariottiINFN  University of Padua11647972
1500Zhigang SuoHarvard University; Princeton  University; UCSB11647813
1501Da Wen SunUniversity College Dublin11647518
1502Franz Hofmann11647057
1503Enrico GrattonUniversity of California Irvine11646493
1504Keith Sullivan11646032
1505Gerald HartJohns Hopkins University11645870
1506Cornelia WeyandStanford University11645582
1507Robert W DomsChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia11645132
1508Chris HawkesworthUniversity of Bristol11641358
1509Steve GrahamArizona State University11641306
1510Michael ColeUniversity of California San Diego115197273
1511Sheldon CohenCarnegie Mellon University115114413
1512William T AbrahamOhio State University115108637
1513Ian F AkyildizGeorgia Institute of Technology115104817
1514Justin SmithDrexel University115102459
1515Milton PackerBaylor University Medical Center11592687
1516Kevin E TrenberthNational Center for Atmospheric Research11591441
1517Stephen WalterMcMaster University11583571
1518Rashid SunyaevMax Planck Institute for Astrophysics11581671
1519P AmouyelUniversité de Lille11581561
1520Jedd WolchokMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center11580186
1521James M BuchananGeorge Mason University11579984
1522Stephen PeartonUniversity of Florida11579530
1523Robert Heine11578870
1524Bartolome Celli11577576
1525Paul GlasziouBond University11577479
1526Thomas MünzelUniversity Medical Center Mainz11577112
1527Edith FeskensWageningen University11575901
1528Zhifeng Ren #Boston College11575696
1529J Wade HarperHarvard Medical School11572935
1530David HeckermanMicrosoft Research11570179
1531Elliot MeyerowitzCalifornia Institute of Technology11569948
1532Borys GrynyovInstitute of Scintillation Materials National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine11567791
1533Michael WiglerCold Spring Harbor Laboratory11566128
1534Philip RussellMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG11565694
1535Elisabeth de VriesUniversity Medical Center Groningen11565364
1536Bruno VellasCHU Toulouse; UT3-INSERM11565283
1537Ruth LoosIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai11565228
1538Simon I HayUniversity of Washington11564557
1539Pierre Alain Clavien11562980
1540Christine H FoyerUniversity of Leeds11561243
1541Seiji ShinkaiKyushu University11560431
1542Jacques S BeckmannUniversity of Lausanne11560272
1543John DovidioYale University11559977
1544Carolyn R BertozziUniversity of California Berkeley11559162
1545John StankovicUniversity of Virginia11557745
1546Claudio FranceschiUniversità di Bologna11557137
1547A SchapiraUniversity College London11556573
1548Richard B FreemanHarvard University; NBER11556538
1549Gereon R FinkUniversity Hospital Cologne; Research Centre Jülich11556482
1550Filippo GiorgiInternational Centre for Theoretical Physics11556342
1551Mark GreenbergPennsylvania State University11556099
1552Jeffrey N KatzHarvard Medical School11555892
1553Mathias UhlénKTH Royal Institute of Technology11555829
1554Jaak Panksepp11554651
1555David LindenmayerAustralian National University11554408
1556P W GoldNational Institutes of Health NIH11554345
1557Charles R Martin11554195
1558Walter F StewartSutter Health11551915
1559Arumugam ManthiramUniversity of Texas at Austin11551763
1560David A LewisUniversity of Pittsburgh11551729
1561Jean Paul KneibÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne11551595
1562Murray EslerBaker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute11551274
1563Jeffrey S MooreUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign11551137
1564Leann BirchUniversity of Georgia11550532
1565Manfred T ReetzMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG11549907
1566Dun Xian TanUniversity of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio11549736
1567Eduard VietaUniversity of Barcelona; Hospital Clinic; IDIBAPS; CIBERSAM11549677
1568Matthew FalagasAlfa Institute of Biomedical Sciences; Tufts University11549221
1569Joan BruggeHarvard Medical School11548678
1570Jon H KaasVanderbilt University11548161
1571David KarlUniversity of Hawaii11547904
1572Ignacio E GrossmannCarnegie Mellon University11547670
1573Kerry S CourneyaUniversity of Alberta11547575
1574Bruce KempSt Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research11546941
1575Xandra O BreakefieldHarvard Medical School; Massachusetts General Hospital11546658
1576Jacques MontplaisirUniversite de Montreal11546264
1577Morris MoscovitchUniversity of Toronto11545687
1578William de GroatUniversity of Pittsburgh11544654
1579Riitta HariAalto University11544313
1580Janet TreasureKing’s College London11544138
1581Thomas ShenkPrinceton University11543050
1582Andreas PluckthunUniversität Zurich11542408
1583Gordana Vunjak NovakovicColumbia University11541304
1584Jeff PalmerIndiana University11541109
1585John MorrisonUniversity of California Davis11540886
1586David R CoxOxford University114224098
1587H Bernhard SchlegelWayne State University114207345
1588Kalyanmoy DebMichigan State University114125053
1589Theo VosUniversity of Washington114123012
1590Ernst FehrUniversität Zurich11495887
1591Chris PontingUniversity of Edinburgh11492330
1592Takeuchi OsamuKyoto University11490400
1593John EikelboomMcMaster University11487392
1594C l SmithBoston University11486693
1595C Michael GibsonHarvard Medical School11485192
1596Sohee ParkVanderbilt University11483617
1597William WeintraubChristiana Care Health System11481551
1598Junying YuanHarvard Medical School11480154
1599Andres MetspaluUniversity of Tartu11479245
1600Matti UusitupaUniversity of Eastern Finland11479042
1601Trevor DarrellUniversity of California Berkeley11479031
1602Ian PaulsenMacquarie University11475744
1603Randy KatzUniversity of California Berkeley11474683
1604Richard SzeliskiFacebook11474558
1605Niyazi Serdar SariciftciJohannes Kepler University Linz11472412
1606Paul Erdős11471517
1607Robert B JacksonStanford University11471039
1608Jürgen KurthsHumboldt University Berlin11470235
1609Evert Jan BaerendsVU University Amsterdam11469131
1610Jay N GieddUniversity of California San Diego11467273
1611James YorkeUniversity of Maryland College Park11467028
1612Andrej SaliUniversity of California San Francisco11466950
1613Jonathan S WeissmanUniversity of California San Francisco; Howard Hughes Medical Institute11465634
1614A ZettlUniversity of California Berkeley11464659
1615David DenningUniversity of Manchester11464493
1616Henry F Schaefer IIIUniversity of Georgia11464377
1617Paolo GiommiItalian Space Agency11464315
1618Julio Montaner11463548
1619Salvatore PanicoUniversità Federico II di Napoli11463446
1620Rodney BartlettUniversity of Florida11463093
1621Mariano BarbacidCentro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas CNIO11462189
1622Dominik SmithUniversität Gießen11461733
1623Jeffrey RavetchRockefeller University11460721
1624Surendra ShahNorthwestern Univerisity11460320
1625P L C M van RielRadboud University Nijmegen Medical Center11458777
1626Daniel H JanzenUniversity of Pennsylvania11458295
1627Jens NielsenChalmers University of Technology11458085
1628Hisashi YamamotoChubu University; University of Chicago; Nagoya University11457871
1629Robert S KerbelUniversity of Toronto11457639
1630Rita R ColwellUniversity of Maryland11457486
1631Muhammed ÖzenAltek Teknoloji11456726
1632Kenneth M HeilmanUniversity of Florida11456511
1633Richard ShineUniversity of Sydney11455127
1634Kenneth NealsonUniversity of Southern California11454799
1635Doron AurbachBar-Ilan University11454705
1636R M HarrisonUniversity of Birmingham11453897
1637Jim SpeckUniversity of California Santa Barbara11453225
1638Stephen WoodsUniversity of Cincinnati11452516
1639Milton SaierUniversity of California San Diego11452456
1640Mary V RellingSt Jude Children’s Research Hospital11451735
1641William F LauranceJames Cook University11451009
1642Sonia Ancoli IsraelUniversity of California San Diego11450757
1643Janice Kiecolt GlaserOhio State University Medical Center11450744
1644P SpinelliUniversitá degli Studi di Bari; Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare11450497
1644Donald KleinColumbia University11449831
1646Mauricio TerronesPennsylvania State University11449831
1647Angela VincentOxford University11449705
1648Phillip LowMayo Clinic11449692
1649Karl TryggvasonKarolinska Institute; Duke University; National University of Singapore11449636
1650Anil Sood11449201
1651Olle InganasLinköping University11448495
1652Derek MuirEnvironment and Climate Change Canada11447991
1653F ShanahanUniversity College Cork; National University of Ireland11447675
1654Richard PassinghamOxford University11447176
1655Christian WeberLudwig-Maximilians-University Munich11446817
1656Paolo M ComoglioCandiolo Cancer Institute IRCCS11444110
1657Denisa D WagnerHarvard Medical School11442441
1658Russell HemleyGeorge Washington University11442016
1659Benita S KatzenellenbogenUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign11441084
1660Murata NorioNational Institute for Basic Biology11440593
1661Oliver E WilliamsonUniversity of California Berkeley113247891
1662Hari BalakrishnanMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT113118277
1663John ButlerRoyal Marsden Hospital113114588
1664S OsherUniversity of California Los Angeles113111358
1665Noboru MizushimaUniversity of Tokyo11395156
1666Endel TulvingUniversity of Toronto11390483
1667Colin CamererCalifornia Institute of Technology11390460
1668Neil R PoweUniversity of California San Francisco; San Francisco General Hospital11383417
1669Gerald MeehlUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research11381347
1670Murray StrausUniversity of New Hampshire11377186
1671Wayne HallUniversity of Queensland11374806
1672John P CookeHouston Methodist Research Institute11372215
1673Manfred MorariETH Zürich11371450
1674John A J MatthewsUniversity of New Mexico11371273
1675Manuel CardonaMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG11369896
1676David Bredt11367999
1677David GunnellUniversity of Bristol11367184
1678Keith BevenLancaster University11365178
1679Ruslan Z ValievSaint Petersburg State University11361512
1680John S MattickGarvan Institute of Medical Research11361323
1681hirofumi yamamotoOsaka university11361136
1682Edward OttUniversity of Maryland College Park11359686
1683Ming TsaoUniversity of Toronto; Princess Margaret Hospital11358969
1684F Xavier CastellanosNew York University School of Medicine11358324
1685Allan BasbaumUniversity of California San Francisco11357875
1686W Van MechelenVU University Medical Center11356953
1687James C GrottaMemorial Hermann Hospital11356737
1688Jianzhong ZhangBeijing ESKY Technology Ltd11356301
1689Harden M McConnellStanford University11354961
1690Jordan S PoberYale University11353897
1691Thomas JoinerFlorida State University11353556
1692Xiao Ou ShuVanderbilt University11353359
1693Carl G FigdorRadboud University Nijmegen11352541
1694Klaus KernMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG; Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne11352395
1695B l RothUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill11352269
1696Steve WeinerWeizmann Institute11352048
1697Mario MikulincerInterdisciplinary Center Herzliya11351386
1698Mike S M JettenRadboud University Nijmegen; TU Delft11350852
1699Mario RoedererNational Institutes of Health NIH11349506
1700Marie GriffinVanderbilt University11349133
1701Peter van ZijlJohns Hopkins University11348826
1702Reggie Edgerton11348772
1703Edward OldfieldUniversity of Virginia11348198
1704Tiziano BarbuiFondazione per la Ricerca Ospedale Maggiore di Bergamo11347903
1705Wolfgang KnollAustrian Institute of Technology11347834
1706Peter SimmondsUniversity of Edinburgh11347711
1707Jan FeijenUniversity of Twente11347438
1708James A WellsUniversity of California San Francisco11347017
1709J J GoronzyStanford University11346974
1710Benjamin LaheyUniversity of Chicago11346628
1711W Stetler StevensonNational Institutes of Health NIH11346539
1712William E PelhamFlorida International University11344875
1713Jinde CaoSoutheast University11343342
1714Klaus MosbachLund University11343031
1715Emanuele DaddiCEA Saclay11342683
1716Neal RosenMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center11341620
1717Mark TarnopolskyMcMaster University11341583
1718Michael DiamondWashington University in St Louis11338991
1719Ahmedin JemalAmerican Cancer Society112301436
1720Nan LairdHarvard School of Public Health112161328
1721R BagozziUniversity of Michigan112125718
1722Francisco VarelaCNRS112103995
1723David Barrie JohnsonBangor University11292606
1724T LehtimakiUniversity of Tampere11291677
1725Philippe AghionLondon School of Economics; College de France11285767
1726Albert Vernon SmithUniversity of Michigan11284844
1727J David HawkinsUniversity of Washington11284611
1728Matthew BudoffUniversity of California Los Angeles11281616
1729Michal DwuznikAkademia Górniczo-Hutnicza w Krakowie11281480
1730David SchlegelLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory11280482
1731Giorgio ParisiSapienza Università di Roma11276769
1732Ramachandra Rao DasariMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT11276363
1733Peter SandercockUniversity of Edinburgh11276103
1734V MohanMadras Diabetes Research Foundation11275239
1735David RonUniversity of Cambridge11271072
1736Erko Stackebrandt11270442
1737Jiaqing WangSoochow University11269726
1738Fergus I M CraikRotman Research Institute at Baycrest Toronto11269701
1739Lewis J RubinUniversity of California San Diego11269478
1740David C Van EssenWashington University in St Louis11267728
1741John C ByrdOhio State University11266807
1742Andrew G NicholsonImperial College London11266272
1743M Hassan MuradMayo Clinic11265959
1744F A SmithUniversity of Adelaide11264161
1745Vladimir TorchilinNortheastern University11262537
1746Alberto Sangiovanni VincentelliUniversity of California Berkeley11262055
1747Douglas C BauerUniversity of California San Francisco11261759
1748Austen AngellArizona State University11261018
1749David B GoldsteinColumbia University11260917
1750John N WeinsteinUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center11260633
1751Andrew PicklesKing’s College London11260429
1752Pablo YepesRice University11260045
1753Josep PenuelasCREAF CSIC Barcelona11259661
1754John A KellumUniversity of Pittsburgh11259220
1755Ulrich S SchubertFriedrich Schiller University Jena11259158
1756Alexander EGGERMONTGustave Roussy Cancer Center11258720
1757Yves Van De PeerGhent University11258657
1758Janusz PawliszynUniversity of Waterloo11258305
1759Xavier EstivillCenter for Genomic Regulation11257833
1760Jingdan ZhangSiemens Corporate Research11256232
1761George RiekeUniversity of Arizona11255774
1762Jon AsterBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School11255642
1763Stephen KosslynMinerva Project11255532
1764Tom L BlundellUniversity of Cambridge11254447
1765Wolf ReikBabraham Institute11253940
1766Costas M SoukoulisIowa State University11253679
1767James L KennedyCentre for Addiction and Mental Health11253604
1768Gasbarrini Giovanni11253559
1769Andrew H PatersonUniversity of Georgia11253375
1770Robert HeathUniversity of Texas at Dallas11253181
1771David Alan Schoenfeld11253037
1772David M RichardsonStellenbosch University11252666
1773Sergio RomagnaniUniversità di Firenze11252354
1774Colin Michael HallUniversity of Canterbury; Linneaus University; University of Oulu11252155
1775Guy Paic11251414
1776Thomas RothHenry Ford Hospital11250231
1777Robert O RitchieUniversity of California Berkeley11250092
1778Paul SawchenkoSalk Institute for Biological Studies11249932
1779Robert ZatorreMcGill University11249513
1780Mark EllismanUniversity of California San Diego11249410
1781Cecilia FavuzziUniversità degli Studi e Politecnico di Bari; Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare11247609
1782William EatonJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health11247447
1783Richard ChaissonJohns Hopkins University11246785
1784Bart De StrooperKU University of Leuven; VIB11245942
1785Graham ThornicroftKing’s College London11245117
1786Dmitri GolbergQueensland University of Technology11244575
1787Albert FornaceGeorgetown University11244358
1788Christos PantelisUniversity of Melbourne11243781
1789Van C MowColumbia University11243766
1790Maiken NedergaardUniversity of Rochester11243739
1791Gerhard AnderssonLinköping University11243297
1792Myron L WeisfeldtJohns Hopkins University11242752
1793Michael GivskovUniversity of Copenhagen11242333
1794Asrar B MalikUniversity of Illinois at Chicago11240919
1795Hadi ManjiNational Hospital for Neurology11240537
1796A A HymanMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG11240158
1797Amos TverskyStanford University111277321
1798Peter M BentlerUniversity of California Los Angeles111193840
1799David BartelHoward Hughes Medical Institute; MIT; Whitehead Institute111163352
1800Charles Robert Darwin111162941
1801Clive GrangerUniversity of Nottingham; University of California San Diego111157120
1802Rury R HolmanNIHR Oxford Bio- medical Research Centre111142950
1803Ross LevineUniversity of California Berkeley111135496
1804R B HaynesMcMaster University111113485
1805Alex SmolaCarnegie Mellon University111101196
1806Sekar KathiresanHarvard Medical School11189022
1807Mark HlatkyStanford University11186133
1808Jon DeeksUniversity of Birmingham11185571
1809Stephen BallInstitute of Education University of London11174639
1810Asli Demirguc KuntWorld Bank11172521
1811Josep M LlovetM Sinai Liver Cancer Prog11172218
1812Liu JianjunGenome Institute of Singapore11172196
1813Antoni RibasUniversity of California Los Angeles11170520
1814Wafik El DeiryFox Chase Cancer Center11167226
1815Darko MekterovicUniversity of Rijeka11163302
1816Muin J KhouryCenters for Disease Control and Prevention11161493
1817Rama ChellappaUniversity of Maryland College Park11161433
1818Tore KvienUniversity of Oslo11161234
1819michael SarrMayo Clinic11159022
1820John WebbSt Paul’s Hospital;  University of British Columbia11158481
1821Michael J Brownstein11158265
1822Alexey BuzykaevNovosibirsk State University; Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics11157561
1823Benoit RouxUniversity of Chicago11157301
1824Peter HowleyHarvard Medical School11156647
1825Massimo LodaHarvard Medical School11156353
1826Franciole MarinhoUniversidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro11156264
1827James M RobinsHarvard School of Public Health11155384
1828Geoffrey A OzinUniversity of Toronto11155321
1829Yongsheng ChenNankai University11155109
1830Henry MasurNIH11155043
1831Gregory P AsnerCarnegie Institution for Science11154873
1832R I M DunbarUniversity of Oxford11154661
1833Stewart ColeÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne11154575
1834Ching Lung LaiUniversity of Hong Kong11153829
1835Mark E ShermanMayo Clinic11153326
1836Jim WoodgettLunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute11153169
1837Christopher AmosDartmouth College11152998
1838Pete SmithUniversity of Aberdeen11152913
1839Raphael MechoulamHebrew University of Jerusalem11152897
1840Patrik SchmukiUniversity of Erlangen Nuremberg11151729
1841Andrew SharpleyUniversity of Arkansas Fayetteville11150749
1842Michael LewisRutgers University11150264
1843Bruce F Pennington11149874
1844David T CurielWashington University in St Louis11149705
1845Paul ClearyYale University11149328
1846Lawrence J BeilinUniversity of Western Australia11149320
1847James C HoggUniversity of British Columbia11148905
1848Edward McAuleyUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign11148766
1849Hugh MarkusUniversity of Cambridge11148585
1850Giorgio Bernardi 1Università Roma Tor Vergata; IRCSS S Lucia11148539
1851Zbigniew DarzynkiewiczNew York Medical College11147904
1852Thomas LipoUniversity of Wisconsin Madison11147371
1853Richard L GalloUniversity of California San Diego11147251
1854Zeshui XuSichuan University11147233
1855Christian KörnerUniversity of Basel11147106
1856Shi Zhang QiaoUniversity of Adelaide11146428
1857Athol U WellsImperial College London11146395
1858Donald D PriceUniversity of Florida11146262
1859Bette KorberLos Alamos National Laboratory11146053
1860Kam W LeongColumbia University11144553
1861Constantine LyketsosJohns Hopkins University11144106
1862Krzysztof PalczewskiUniversity of California Irvine11144055
1863Timothy E HewettMayo Clinic11143017
1864William FiggNational Institutes of Health NIH11141101
1865James L ManleyColumbia University11140898
1866Gareth J BarkerKing’s College London11138980
1867Robert LambNorthwestern University11137885
1868Vincenzo BaroneScuola Normale Superiore di Pisa110224576
1869Martin Head GordonUniversity of California Berkeley110214313
1870Stephen BoydStanford University110155073
1871Jeffrey PfefferStanford University110124457
1872Jeffrey UllmanStanford University110123150
1873Richard M LernerTufts University110106319
1874Thomas M AchenbachUniversity of Vermont110100821
1875Michael O’Keeffe11099899
1876James O ProchaskaUniversity of Rhode Island11098203
1877Ramon MiquelInstitut de Fisica d’Altes Energies Barcelona11093419
1878Shalom H SchwartzHebrew University of Jerusalem11091208
1879Zhang Zhanquan11085904
1880Cordelia SchmidINRIA11085874
1881Francois CambienINSERM11077103
1882Steve PetersenWashington University11076448
1883Ken G SmithUniversity of Maryland College Park11072519
1884Thomas KailathStanford University11071560
1885Elliott LiebPrinceton University11071554
1886James R HeathCalifornia Institute of Technology11070718
1887Martin VetterliEcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne11070612
1888Baruch FischhoffHoward Heinz University; Carnegie Mellon University11070328
1889Louis BrusColumbia University11068035
1890Koichi TanakaKobe International Frontier Medical Center11065611
1891Jeffrey FrankelHarvard Kennedy School11065578
1892Dm BussUniversity of Texas at Dallas11065196
1893Xiang ZhangUniversity of California Berkeley11064314
1894Thomas J KippsUniversity of California San Diego11062490
1895David L PatersonUniversity of Queensland11062020
1896David ThomasJohns Hopkins University11061999
1897Robert KennicuttUniversity of Cambridge11061980
1898William NordhausYale University11060478
1899Julian DownwardFrancis Crick Institute11058111
1900Robert J VallerandUniversité du Québec à Montréal11057000
1901I HanskiUniversity of Helsinki11056270
1902Gary LymanFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center11055934
1903John JohnsonCalifornia Institute of Technology11055196
1904Ashley BushMassachusetts General Hospital11054926
1905A MajumdarStanford University11054794
1906Mark CrowtherMcMaster University11053556
1907Robert ReckerCreighton University School of Medicine11053326
1908William WestraJohns Hopkins University11053267
1909David BaulcombeUniversity of Cambridge11052579
1910Giulio Tononi11051963
1911Jean Yves BlayCentre Leon Berard; University Claude Bernard Lyon I11050862
1912Richard HarrisUniversity of Bath11050618
1913Razelle KurzrockUniversity of California San Diego11050528
1914Ruth NussinovTel Aviv University11049714
1915Leonardo M FabbriUniversità di Modena e Reggio Emilia11049219
1916Annamaria ColaoUniversità Federico II di Napoli11048986
1917Alan BarrettWellcome Trust Sanger Institute11048744
1918Guoyao WuTexas A&M University College Station11048271
1919Wim HenninkUtrecht University11048101
1920Robert DickinsonUniversity of Texas at Dallas11048074
1921Ryuzo YanagimachiUniversity of Hawaii11047923
1922Ulrich H Von AndrianHarvard Medical School11047638
1923B W HollisMedical University of South Carolina11047099
1924Theo J VisserErasmus University Medical Center11046995
1925Günther DeuschlChristian-Albrechts University Kiel11046798
1926Axel MeyerUniversity of Konstanz11046645
1927C S LeeCity University of Hong Kong11046129
1928Richard BryantUniversity of New South Wales11045819
1929Wolfgang BaumeisterMax Planck Institut für Biochemie11045517
1930M HorowitzUniversity of Adelaide11044658
1931Bernd NiliusKU University of Leuven11044514
1932F M M MorelPrinceton University11044319
1933Johannes BrugNational Institute for Public Health and the Environment11044130
1934Christopher A WalshBoston Children’s Hospital11043882
1935Marc H Bornstein11043679
1936Stefan Rose JohnUniversity of Kiel11043666
1937Ian T BaldwinMax Planck Gesellschaft MPG11043072
1938Erich P IppenMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT11043034
1939John L WallaceAntibe Therapeutics Inc; University of Calgary11042582
1940Rachel YehudaIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai11041666
1941James S DunlopUniversity of Edinburgh11041586
1942Jean Claude ReubiUniversity of Bern11041407
1943William E DietrichUniversity of California Berkeley11041340
1944Kenneth OffitMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center11041114
1945Gerd HeuschUniversität Duisburg Essen11040056
1946Staffan KjellebergUniversity of New South Wales11039455
1947Arkady TseytlinImperial College London11039199
1948Daniel JavittColumbia University11037595
1949Jeffrey BenovicThomas Jefferson University11037280
1950Caryn lermanUniversity of Pennsylvania11036729
1951Peter MurisMaastricht University11035502
1952Clifford GeertzPrinceton University109206731
1953Robert EngleNew York University109144118
1954Ruslan MedzhitovYale University109104670
1955James L McClellandStanford University10997416
1956Christopher D ManningStanford University10996896
1957Barbara RussellUniversity of Toronto10994441
1958Alan BovikUniversity of Texas at Dallas10983677
1959Jiangzhou WangUniversity of Kent10982729
1960Angus DeatonPrinceton University10978590
1961Jeremy ErnstVirginia Tech10975972
1962Robert TarjanPrinceton University10974153
1963Hadis MorkoçVirginia Commonwealth University10970605
1964Gilles Montalescot10970329
1965Amos BairochUniversity of Geneva; SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics10969616
1966Jean Luc StarckCEA Saclay10969388
1967Barry SimonCalifornia Institute of Technology10969275
1968Alan ShuldinerRegeneron10968183
1969Paul DN HebertUniversity of Guelph10966958
1970Goran K HanssonKarolinska Institute10965870
1971Vikram PatelLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine; Harvard Medical School10965659
1972Dan JonesOhio State University10964896
1973Christoph J BrabecFAU Erlangen; ZAE Bayern e.V.10964256
1974Jose Alfonso Gomez CaleroInstitute for Sustainable Agriculture CSIC10963374
1975Jeff DanglHoward Hughes Medical Institute; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill10962802
1976Yu ChenSheffield Hallam University10960406
1977Peter GalleMainz University10958247
1978Johann De BonoInstitute of Cancer Research London10958225
1979Raymond DuBoisArizona State University10957280
1980David ScaddenHarvard Medical School10956803
1981Robert D HareUniversity of British Columbia10956263
1982Keith RilesUniversity of Michigan10956099
1983Ian TannockPrincess Margaret Hospital10955941
1984Giorgio Bernardi 2Roma 3 University10955939
1985David DungerUniversity of Cambridge10954110
1986Karl Erik AnderssonWake Forest University10953539
1987Horst KesslerTechnische Universität München10952987
1988David ChandlerUniversity of California Berkeley10952829
1989Joss Bland HawthornUniversity of Sydney10952532
1990David M ClarkUniversity of Oxford10952347
1991A C GraesserUniversity of Memphis10950931
1992Joseph D BuxbaumIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai10950654
1993Raymond StevensUniversity of Southern California10950125
1994Hans Dieter Volk10950077
1995Anthony P MonacoTufts University10949968
1996Hua Kun LiuUniversity of Wollongong10948745
1997Gavin AndrewsUniversity of New South Wales10948582
1998Shih Fu ChangColumbia University10948537
1999Virgil PercecUniversity of Pennsylvania10948402
2000Dean P JonesEmory University10947931
2001Eugenio PaoliniUniversity of Pisa10947835
2002Matcheri KeshavanBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center10947586
2003James TielschGeorge Washington University10947220
2004John RavenUniversity of Dundee10947160
2005Gino TostiUniversità di Perugia10947048
2006Manohar PanjabiYale University10946999
2007T Mark HarrisonUniversity of California Los Angeles10946976
2008Samuel I StuppNorthwestern University10946502
2009Stefano CipriniASI Roma; INFN10945321
2010Mark A KayStanford University10945317
2011Alexander R IvanovNortheastern University10945199
2012Steve A KayUniversity of Southern California10944766
2013M A Martínez GonzálezCIBEROBN; Universidad de Navarra; Harvard TH Chan10944609
2014Kenneth TimmisTechnical University Braunschweig10943839
2015John TrowsdaleUniversity of Cambridge10943594
2016Jonathan SprentGarvan Institute of Medical Research10943543
2017Magnus Ingelman SundbergKarolinska Institute10942575
2018Frank FinchamFlorida State University10942510
2019Robert G GriffinMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT10942458
2020Thomas SmyrkMayo Clinic10942270
2021Motoharu SeikiUniversity of Tokyo10942206
2022Lloyd A GreeneColumbia University10942088
2023Anseth KristiUniversity of Colorado; Howard Hughes Medical Institute10941978
2024Thomas KenslerJohns Hopkins University10941698
2025Khalil AmineArgonne National Laboratory; Stanford University; IMAM ABDULRAHMAN BIN FAISAL UNIVERSITY10941305
2026Robert F KruegerUniversity of Minnesota10940320
2027John T FallonNew York Medical College10939056
2028Peter GroffmanCUNY Brooklyn College; Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies10938798
2029Robert H SingerAlbert Einstein College of Medicine10938467
2030Robert EdelmanNorthShore University HealthSystem10937623
2031Zidong WangBrunel University10935565
2032Lotfi A ZadehUniversity of California Berkeley108218674
2033Ronald A Fisheruniversity of Cambridge; University College London108167883
2034Robert S KaplanHarvard Business School Harvard University108158410
2035Hertzel GersteinMcMaster University10899959
2036John W TaylorUniversity of California Berkeley10898798
2037Derek C AngusUniversity of Pittsburgh10894494
2038John W Berry10882821
2039Ahmed Ali AbdelalimHelwan University; Zewail City of Science and Technology10882315
2040Michael L KleinTemple University10880072
2041Jane NewburgerHarvard Medical School10878637
2042Jean JouzelCEA Saclay10878566
2043David A CaseRutgers University10878386
2044Eric SchadtIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai10877094
2045Kenneth J Gergen10876794
2046Gerd GigerenzerMax Planck Institute for Human Development10873682
2047James W PennebakerUniversity of Texas at Austin10873283
2048Eric BassJohns Hopkins University10868112
2049Andy HargreavesBoston College10866765
2050Aarno PalotieFIMM; Broad Institute; UCLA; University of Helsinki; Sanger Institute10866653
2051Christodoulos StefanadisNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens10863157
2052Henry FergusonSpace Telescope Science Institute10862936
2053Lieping chenYale University10861596
2054Klaus Robert MüllerTechnische Universität Berlin; Korea University10861298
2055alexander rudenskyMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center10861118
2056Jere H MitchellUT Southwestern Medical Center10860593
2057Bruce FreemanUniversity of Pittsburgh10859374
2058Joseph P NewhouseHarvard University10859088
2059M TanScripps Research Institute10859082
2060Ferenc KrauszMax Planck Institut für Quantenoptik; LMU10859074
2061Jeffrey R LongUniversity of California Berkeley10857948
2062Jitender DubeyUSDA ARS10857757
2063Philip KantoffMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center10857668
2064Jeffrey WeitzMcMaster University10855892
2065Norman PaceUniversity of Colorado Boulder10855804
2066William EvansUniversity of California Berkeley10855132
2067Steven ChuStanford University10854801
2068Steven GallingerUniversity of Toronto10854507
2069Harald HampelSorbonne Universities; Pierre and Marie Curie University10853289
2070Takeshi IwatsuboUniversity of Tokyo10852404
2071Zhi Xun ShenStanford University10852251
2072A Michael LincoffCleveland Clinic10852130
2073Jack W SzostakMassachusetts General Hospital10852084
2074Jennifer DoudnaUniversity of California Berkeley10851607
2075Jeffrey D RothsteinJohns Hopkins University10850606
2076Robert LinhardtRensselaer Polytechnic Institute10850350
2077Henry L RoedigerWashington University in St Louis10849911
2078Wilfried ThuillerCNRS10849898
2079Sheng DaiOak Ridge National Laboratary; University of Tennessee10849576
2080Marc VidalHarvard Medical School10849502
2081Costantino IadecolaWeill Cornell Medical College10849026
2082Jim MintzUniversity of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio10848919
2083Ian McKeithNewcastle University UK10848833
2084Yoshiaki ItoNational University of Singapore10848678
2085David GozalUniversity of Missouri10848295
2086Linda GeorgeDuke University10847721
2087Ignace VergoteUniversity of Leuven10847487
2088Sergio GiraltMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center10845786
2089Vincent MorBrown University10845480
2090Thomas ElbertUniversity of Konstanz10845154
2091Edwin L ThomasRice University;  MIT; Cornell University; University of Minnesota10844851
2092Paul HansmaUniversity of California Santa Barbara10844290
2093Ernesto CarafoliUniversità degli Studi di Padova10844191
2094William G IaconoUniversity of Minnesota10843141
2095Martha E ShentonBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School10842768
2096Martin GleaveUniversity of British Columbia10842634
2097Rafael FonsecaMayo Clinic in Arizona10842536
2098Katsuhiko ArigaNational Institute for Materials Science NIMS Japan10842124
2099Kenneth H RubinUniversity of Maryland College Park10842016
2100Cynthia BulikUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill10841444
2101William A BanksUniversity of Washington10840989
2102C BlitterswijkMaastricht University10840680
2103Rajamani KrishnaUniversity of Amsterdam10840268
2104Zaverio M RuggeriScripps Research Institute10838760
2105Farshid GuilakWashington University; Shriners Hospitals for Children10838283
2106K Daniel O’LearyStony Brook University10836598
2107Narla MohandasNew York Blood Center10836427
2108William W ThatcherUniversity of Florida10836325
2109Eugene F FamaChicago Booth107267827
2110George WeinstockThe Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine107118990
2111Rakesh AgrawalMicrosoft Research107118120
2112David SpiegelhalterCambridge University107111894
2113Shaun PurcellBrigham and Women’s Hospital Harvard Medical School10789973
2114L CardonGlaxoSmithKline10785782
2115Henry N GinsbergColumbia University10780300
2116Peter W LairdVan Andel Research Institute10779380
2117Andrew RambautUniversity of Edinburgh10777109
2118Daehee KimChung-Ang University10774146
2119Ulf EkelundNorwegian Institute of Public Health10773250
2120Wei ZhangWake Forest Baptist Medical Center10770750
2121Dan BonehStanford University10769683
2122Raj MittraPenn State University10768777
2123Michael DeanNational Institutes of Health NIH10768044
2124Torben HansenUniversity of Copenhagen10767940
2125Francesca Ricci10767712
2126Heinrich KurzAMICA AMO GmbH10766483
2127Richard I FisherFox Chase Cancer Center; Temple University10766089
2128Michael StumvollUniversity Hospital Leipzig10765134
2129S E Black10764748
2130Sankar Das SarmaUniversity of Maryland College Park10763860
2131Daniel Von HoffTgen10763561
2132Parviz MoinStanford University10763076
2133Frederic BushmanUniversity of Pennsylvania10762863
2134Douglas W DockeryHarvard School of Public Health10762048
2135Marcello TonelliUniversity of Calgary10761921
2136Fred C TenoverCepheid10761301
2137Ray BaughmanUniversity of Texas at Dallas10761171
2138Elizabeth F LoftusUniversity of California Irvine10760805
2139Keith E StanovichUniversity of Toronto10760699
2139Stuart ParkinMax Planck Institute for Microstructure Physics; IBM Research Almaden10759164
2141Mads MelbyeStatens Serum Institut10759164
2142Harry AtwaterCalifornia Institute of Technology10758934
2143John C AviseUniversity of California Irvine10758101
2144James HaxbyDartmouth College10757260
2145Mark PepysUniversity College London10756832
2146Andrew PrenticeLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine10755119
2147Chris G Van De WalleUniversity of California Santa Barbara10754927
2148Nikos LogothetisStanford University10754740
2149Alimuddin ZumlaUniversity College London10754725
2150Michael ShurRensselaer Polytechnic Institute10754572
2151John AberUniversity of New Hampshire10753980
2152Walter WahliUniversity of Lausanne10753017
2153Peter NijkampVU University Amsterdam10752949
2154Peter Kahrilas10752515
2155Umesh MishraUniversity of California Santa Barbara10752252
2156Bertil FredholmKarolinska Institute10750632
2157Albert W WuJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health10750316
2158Paul O’ByrneMcMaster University10750171
2159Maciej LewensteinICFO Institut of Photonic Sciences10749525
2160Shitij KapurKing’s College London; University of Toronto10748996
2161Alexander Tomasz10748581
2162Aarsland DagKing’s College London10748223
2163Haralampos M MoutsopoulosNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens10747524
2164Rui L ReisUniversity of Minho10747460
2165Peter LansdorpUniversity Medical Center Groningen10747245
2166Ellen BialystokYork University10747242
2167Michael BuschBlood Systems Research Institute; University of California San Francisco10747158
2168Daniel L HartlHarvard University10746662
2169Suhuai WeiBeijing Computational Science Research Center10746646
2170J ApperleyImperial College London10746148
2171Emeran A MayerUniversity of California Los Angeles10745963
2172M W TulderVrije Universiteit; Arhus University10745921
2173Joachim HerzUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center10745858
2174Jose L JimenezUniversity of Colorado Boulder10745635
2175Yuehe LinWashington State University; Pacific Northwest National Laboratory10745549
2176Richard David KolodnerLudwig Institute for Cancer Research10745282
2177Mathias FinkESPCI Paris; CNRS10744791
2178Paul RossUniversity College Cork10744742
2179Stephen LordUniversity of New South Wales10744495
2180Peter AgreJohns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute10744164
2181Val C Sheffield University of Iowa10744058
2182Eric CourchesneUniversity of California San Diego10743386
2183Rosario RizzutoUniversity of Padova10743144
2184Renato V IozzoKimmel Cancer Center; Thomas Jefferson University10742622
2185Yang Kook SunHanyang University10742234
2186Jean Michel FoidartUnivesité de Liège10742143
2187Marinos DalakasNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens10742125
2188Hergen SpitsAmsterdam Academic Medical Centre; AIMM therapeutics10741438
2189Niels HøibyUniversity of Copenhagen10741220
2190Søren MolinTechnical University of Denmark10740650
2191Andrey RogachCity University of Hong Kong10740597
2192J B FurnessFlorey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health; University of Melbourne10739877
2193Mark S GeorgeMedical University of South Carolina10739521
2194Hasan MukhtarUniversity of Wisconsin Madison10738264
2195Alan F CowmanWalter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research10737091
2196Rubin M TuderUniversity of Colorado10736866
2197John D ScottUniversity of Washington10736806
2198Michelle CraskeUniversity of California Los Angeles10736777
2199Eric OrwollOregon Health & Science University10736415
2200Alfred KrönerMainz University; Beijing SHRIMP10734459
2201Louis RosenbergUnanimous A.I.10733212
2202Israel E WachsLehigh University10732902
2203John P PerdewTemple University106264839
2204Jeffrey KimRadiant Genomics106171531
2205Colin MathersWorld Health Organization106135069
2206Hans WedelUniversity of Gothenburg106110487
2207Ronald InglehartUniversity of Michigan106106080
2208Victor VelculescuJohns Hopkins University10690102
2209Louisa DegenhardtUniversity of New South Wales10686095
2210Troyen A BrennanCVS Caremark10680837
2211Dirk SchadendorfUniversität Duisburg Essen10677195
2212John Joseph McgrathNiels Bohr Aarhus University; University of Queensland; QCMHR10676662
2213Susan SolomonMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT10676261
2214Hywel WilliamsUniversity of Nottingham10675736
2215Kazuhiko IshiharaUniversity of Tokyo10674914
2216Doo Sik KimYonsei University10674580
2217Claudio RoncoSan Bortolo Hospital10672132
2218Dieter HäussingerHeinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf10672040
2219Chen YongshengNational University Health System10671431
2220Frank HarrellVanderbilt University10668841
2221Sam ZhangNanyang Technological University10665204
2222Elisabete WeiderpassKarolinska Institute10664400
2223Jun LiStanford University10664224
2224Thomas J WangVanderbilt University10663875
2225John FreemanPoint Park University10663341
2226Robert KirshnerHarvard University10661964
2227Kathleen I PritchardUniversity of Toronto10661386
2228Akhilesh PandeyJohns Hopkins University10660862
2229Seishi Ogawa10660293
2230Witold PedryczUniversity of Alberta10658738
2231Hiromi YamashitaOsaka University10657942
2232Daan FrenkelUniversity of Cambridge10657848
2233Judith CampisiBuck Institute for Research on Aging10657774
2234Tony F HeinzSLAC National Accelerator Lab; Stanford University10656700
2235Tatsuo ItohUniversity of California Los Angeles10656182
2236Graham CollingridgeUniversity of Bristol10654417
2237Robert E ColemanUniversity of Sheffield10654412
2238Andrew N MeltzoffUniversity of Washington10654405
2239Sally WenzelUniversity of Pittsburgh10654307
2240David ZhangHong Kong Polytechnic University10652987
2241Jeffrey GinsbergMcMaster University10652370
2242Peter B BergerGeisinger Clinic10652190
2243Bruce McNaughtonUniversity of Lethbridge10652082
2244Jay ShendureUniversity of Washington10651900
2245Y EfremenkoUniversity of Tennessee at Knoxville10651851
2246Frans De WaalEmory University10651836
2247Gordon WallaceARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science10651487
2248William L JohnsonCalifornia Institute of Technology10651172
2249Duane D MillerUniversity of Tennessee Health Science Center10651111
2250Fred W McLaffertyCornell University10650919
2251David B TannerUniversity of Florida10650750
2252Gareth MorganUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences10650672
2253K K AngUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center10649881
2254Randall S JohnsonUniversity of Cambridge; Karolinska Institutet; University of California San Diego10649513
2255David HumeUniversity of Edinburgh10648978
2256Kamil UgurbilUniversity of Minnesota10648067
2257Mark P JensenUniversity of Washington10647931
2258Marcel TannerUniversity of Basel10647895
2259Douglas KellUniversity of Manchester10647891
2260Chi Tang HoRutgers University10647533
2261Ranga MyneniBoston University10647005
2262Anthony CheethamUniversity of Cambridge10646986
2263Douglas EvansMedical College of Wisconsin10646831
2264Vincent RotelloUniversity of Massachusetts10646786
2265J A Scott KelsoFlorida Atlantic University; Ulster University10646675
2266Klavs F JensenMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT10646479
2267Richard F Thompson (1930 2014)University of Southern California10646263
2268Rob HegeleWestern University; Robarts Research Institute10646189
2269T M L WigleyNational Center for Atmospheric Research10646127
2270Byunggu Cheon10645598
2271Harold A SackeimColumbia University10645378
2272Kamyar Kalantar ZadehUniversity of California Irvine10645198
2273Robert M HoffmanAntiCancer Inc10644976
2274Michael R WasielewskiNorthwestern University10644535
2275Rocky TuanChinese University of Hong Kong; University of Pittsburgh10644264
2276Ralf BartenschlagerRuprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg10644236
2277Eric Arthur NewsholmeMerton College Oxford10642468
2278Jack WandsBrown University10641993
2279Carlos DieguezUniversidade de Santiago de Compostela10641756
2280Francis J KeefeDuke University10641682
2281Fred FinkelmanUniversity of Cincinnati10641513
2282John D LambrisUniversity of Pennsylvania10641146
2283Mohamed H SayeghAmerican University of Beirut10640877
2284Saul ShiffmanUniversity of Pittsburgh10640833
2285Xi ZhangTexas A&M University College Station10640775
2286Lyle L MoldawerUniversity of Florida10640447
2287Steven LaureysUniversity of Liege; University Hospital of Liège10640317
2288Francisco Sanchez MadridHospital de la Princesa; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid10640054
2289Douglas FuchsVanderbilt University10639987
2290Bin WangUniversity of Hawaii10639003
2291Michael D RuggUniversity of Texas at Dallas10638897
2292Robert D BurkAlbert Einstein College of Medicine10638055
2293Joshua S BloomUniversity of California Berkeley; Wise.io10637983
2294sk deyCincinnati Children’s Medical Center10637551
2295Dinesh ManochaUniversity of Maryland College Park10637335
2296Keith P JohnstonUniversity of Texas at Dallas10637029
2297Paul WilliamsUniversity of Nottingham10635881
2298John BlundellUniversity of Leeds10635718
2299David SavitzBrown University10635453
2300Elizabeth S DennisCSIRO10635030
2301Mark NewmanUniversity of Michigan105164195
2302Julian HigginsUniversity of Bristol105150314
2303John R SearleUniversity of California Berkeley105133436
2304Subir SarkarUniversity of Oxford; Niels Bohr Copenhagen University105108404
2305P LegendreUniversite de Montreal10599424
2306Andrea C FerrariUniversity of Cambridge10596839
2307Gordon R BernardVanderbilt University10585050
2308Vipin KumarUniversity of Minnesota10584909
2309Deborah A NickersonUniversity of Washington10583388
2310Beth LevineUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center10581785
2311William R SellersBroad Institute Harvard MIT10575208
2312John B CarlinMurdoch Childrens Research Institute; University of Melbourne10573762
2313Arnold L RheingoldUniversity of California San Diego10573520
2314Eric HanushekStanford University10570407
2315Paul E SpectorUniversity of South Florida10569189
2316JN ReddyTexas A&M University College Station10567624
2317John E JohnsonThe Scripps Research Institute10565634
2318Christopher PetersonUniversity of Michigan10564365
2319Richard J YouleNational Institutes of Health NIH10562511
2320Lawrence LeiterUniversity of Toronto10562288
2321Jianshe wangZhengzhou University10562076
2322Serge GauthierMcGill University10560739
2323Austin SmithUniversity of Cambridge10559734
2324David N CooperCardiff University10559537
2325Wing Kam LiuNorthwestern University10558837
2326John BlenisWeill Cornell Medical College10558083
2327Michael R HoffmannCalifornia Institute of Technology10557507
2328Larry DavisUniversity of Maryland College Park10557470
2329Dieter BimbergTechnische Universität Berlin10557415
2330Shuanglong LiuUniversity of Southern California10557232
2331Ron FouchierErasmus Medical Center Rotterdam10556988
2332Aziz SheikhUniversity of Edinburgh10555546
2333F L LewisUniversity of Texas at Arlington10554746
2334Brunangelo FaliniUniversity of Perugia10553423
2335Sriramulu MohanVel Tech University10553197
2336Josua P MeyerUniversity of Pretoria10553008
2337Clement SánchezCollège de France; CNRS; UPMC10552519
2338Joseph S TakahashiUniversity of Texas Southwestern Medical Center10552385
2339Jeff WranaLunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute; Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto10552302
2340Mark WestobyMacquarie University10552010
2341Peter G WolynesRice University10551913
2342Alan R SaltielUniversity of Michigan10551433
2343Bruce J BerneColumbia University10550789
2344Vladimir Hachinski10550117
2345Jonathan C CraigFlinders University10549389
2346James C CarringtonDonald Danforth Plant Science Center10549380
2347Charles MackayUniversity of Sydney; Monash University10549362
2348Yueh Min HuangNational Cheng Kung UNiversity10549269
2349Francis T CullenUniversity of Cincinnati10548833
2350James C AnthonyMichigan State University10548627
2351David GoldenbergImmunomedics Inc10548305
2352Martin KnappLondon School of Economics and Political Science; King’s College London10546923
2353Robert Thomas KnightUniversity of California Berkeley10546438
2354David StuartOxford University10546427
2355Xiaoliang Sunney XieHarvard University10546227
2356Michael HallekUniversity of Cologne10546120
2357Pedro CrousCBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre10545436
2358Manolis KogevinasBarcelona Institute for Global Health ISGlobal10545140
2359Mark T GladwinUniversity of Pittsburgh10545089
2360John BlangeroUniversity of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine10544972
2361Gary WilliamsonMonash University10544968
2362Alessandra BuonannoMax Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics; University of Maryland10544835
2363Hans Joachim FreundFritz-Haber-Institut10544445
2364Jean Louis MandelCollège de France10544131
2365Glenda HallidayUniversity of Sydney10544088
2366Ian MannersUniversity of Bristol10543830
2367Masashi HazumiKEK Japan10543317
2368Albert J R HeckBijvoet Center; Utrecht University10543226
2369Patrick HoltTelethon Kids Institute; University of Western Australia10542953
2370Peter PareUniversity of British Columbia10542613
2371Howard EichenbaumBoston University10542372
2372Joachim FrankHoward Hughes Medical Institute; Columbia University10542265
2373Robert John AitkenUniversity of Newcastle10541647
2374Stephen PennycookNational University of Singapore10541635
2375Sang Yup LeeKorea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology10541604
2376Alan HofmannUniversity of California San Diego10541186
2377Angelo M De MarzoJohns Hopkins University10540345
2378Philippe GrosMcGill University10540089
2379Moses ChaoNew York University10540082
2380Manel MartinezInstitut de Fisica d’Altes Energies Barcelona10540074
2381Paul J FrickLouisiana State University10540029
2382Jerry L WorkmanStowers Institute10539955
2383Jonathan EllmanYale University10539730
2384Israel VlodavskyTechnion – Israel Institute of Technology10539466
2385William D FoulkesMcGill University10539217
2386Timothy J WiltMinneapolis VA Center for Chronic Diseases Outcomes Research10539037
2387WIlliam KorosGeorgia Institute of Technology10538899
2388Thomas BrandtLudwig Maximilian University of Munich10538292
2389Nancy A MoranUniversity of Texas at Austin10537765
2390Stephen M PrescottOklahoma Medical Research Foundation10537631
2391Guochun ZhaoUniversity of Hong Kong10537149
2392John SweeneyUniversity of Cincinnati10536564
2393Bart N LambrechtGhent University10536417
2394Rajender VarmaUS Environmental Protection Agency; Palacky University10535933
2395Russell S PhillipsBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center10535372
2396Robert Usher NewtonEdith Cowan University10535366
2397David A BoasMassachusetts General Hospital; Harvard Medical School10534780
2398George LakoffUniversity of California Berkeley104175841
2399Tom GreeneUniversity of Utah104137934
2400Adam R SmithIndiana University Kokomo104132380
2401Juan Jose Hernandez ReyInstituto de Física Corpuscular CSIC UV104122623
2402John PendryImperial College London10499061
2403Bengt MuthenStatmodel10498179
2404R J SampsonHarvard University10492736
2405Alessandro GabrielliUniversità di Bologna10484322
2406Yingjun WangShanghai University10483550
2407René StulzOhio State University10480846
2408Sankar GhoshYale University; Howard Hughes Medical Institute; Columbia University10479518
2409Dick De ZeeuwUniversity of Groningen; University Medical Center Groningen10479160
2410Andrew P FeinbergJohns Hopkins University10478226
2411Kenneth E LeeUS Army10477722
2412Alastair M ThompsonUniversity of Dundee10477280
2413Matt DobbsMcGill University10477058
2414Yadong YinUniversity of California Riverside10475388
2415Joseph MassaroBoston University10473110
2416Yang Chen 1Purdue University10472144
2417Janet LeeRegis University10470385
2418Jeffrey ReidRegeneron Pharmaceuticals10470180
2419D S CelermajerUniversity of Sydney10470005
2420Emad AlnemriThomas Jefferson University10468273
2421Levi GarrawayHarvard Medical School10465895
2422Mahul B AminUniversity of Tennessee Health Science Center10462375
2423Cameron S CarterUniversity of California Davis10461982
2424J Philip MillerWashington University in St Louis10461442
2425Jeferson Lehmann10460306
2426Robin D RogersMcGill University10460115
2427Robert WiseJohns Hopkins University10457109
2428Yamada AkiraTokyo Institute of Technology10456024
2429Frank MilleroMarine Physical Chemistry10455991
2430Seth MarderGeorgia Institute of Technology10454050
2431Peter KatzmarzykPennington Biomedical Research Center10453247
2432Ralph AdolphsCalifornia Institute of Technology10452999
2433Jef D BoekeNYU Langone Medical Center10452035
2434Mary Claire KingUniversity of Washington10451420
2435Theodore PincusNYU Medical Center10449915
2436Katherine FitzgeraldUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School10449505
2437Nicholas P J DayUniversity of Oxford10449324
2438Warren J ManningBeth Israel Deaconess Medical Center10448918
2439B J CaseyYale University10448083
2440E BouzaUniversidad Complutense de Madrid; Ciberes; Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón10447601
2441Kenneth A JacobsonNational Institutes of Health NIH10447586
2442Paolo Maria RossiniUniversità Cattolica del Sacro Cuore10447362
2443Kazuo TsubotaKeio University10447052
2444Eric P HoffmanBinghamton University10446817
2445Alfonso ValenciaBarcelona Supercomputing Center.10446677
2446Kang G ShinUniversity of Michigan10446660
2447Ronald PlasterkCenter of Biomedical Genetics10446580
2448Michael GreenUniversity of California Los Angeles10446385
2449Talmadge E King JrUniversity of California San Francisco10446333
2450Paul JanmeyUniversity of Pennsylvania10446281
2451Thomas MontineStanford University10446256
2452Berrie GiebelsEcole Polytechnique; CNRS; IN2P310446147
2453Steve HorvathUniversity of California Los Angeles10445856
2454Peter H WiernikCancer Research Foundation10445807
2455J R CalabreseCase Western Reserve University10445465
2456Thomas A WynnNational Institutes of Health NIH10445426
2457Russ PoldrackStanford University10445262
2458Samo StanicUniversity of Nova Gorica10445216
2459Julie A SchneiderRush University Medical Center10444717
2460Nils Chr StensethUniversity of Bergen10444553
2461Peter VandammeGhent University10444349
2462S McCouchCornell University10444216
2463Hermenegildo GarciaUniversitat Politecnica de Valencia10444125
2464Joe G N GarciaUniversity of Arizona10443984
2465Olga BotnerUppsala University10443945
2466John Casida (deceased 2018)University of California Berkeley10443741
2467Peter C DohertyUniversity of Melbourne10443677
2468Karl LeoTU Dresden10443497
2469Robert H YolkenStanley Medical Research Institute10443224
2470Naoyuki TaniguchiOsaka University; RIKEN10442945
2471Richard L WahlWashington University in St Louis10442612
2472Philip S LowPurdue University10442565
2473Richard BardgettUniversity of Manchester10442260
2474Jelle JollesVrije Universiteit Amsterdam10441199
2475Jonathan A CooperFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center10441148
2476Jinghong LiTsinghua University10441136
2477Marco AjelloClemson University10440626
2478Benjamin S HsiaoStony Brook University10440207
2479E Richard StanleyAlbert Einstein College of Medicine10440140
2480Richard MushotzkyUniversity of Maryland College Park10440037
2481John RalphUniversity of Wisconsin Madison10439865
2482Tyrone CannonYale Unversity10439463
2483Philip D HarveyUniversity of Miami10439241
2484Paul WorkmanInstitute of Cancer Research London10438916
2485Daniel G TenenNational University of Singapore10437321
2486Wayne W HancockUniversity of Pennsylvania10436830
2487Stephen GoffColumbia University10436710
2488Wilson C HayesHayes Associates Inc10436508
2489Carel P van SchaikUniversität Zurich10436114
2490John SchillerNational Institutes of Health NIH10435991
2491James L HedrickIBM10435402
2492Samson A JenekheUniversity of Washington10434723
2493magnus hookTexas A&M University10432388
2494B EfronStanford University103140456
2495David WatsonUniversity of Notre Dame103108049
2496Leslie A BarlowColorado State University103103849
2497John C MarshallUniversity of Toronto10395308
2498Richard NisbettUniversity of Michigan10394106
2499Thomas F StockerUniversity of Bern10383629
2500Penny Kris EthertonPennsylvania State University10379645
2501Anna DominiczakUniversity of Glasgow10376770
2502Fred LuthansUniversity of Nebraska10375390
2503Tae Young KimHallym University10373783
2504David CardUniversity of California Berkeley10370345
2505James TornerUniversity of Iowa10369962
2506Xavier Pi SunyerColumbia University10368970
2507Brian AndersonAustralian National University; National ICT Australia10368713
2508Juan MaldacenaInstitute for Advanced Study in Princeton10368348
2509Peter JüniAHRC; St Michael’s Hospital; University of Toronto10368014
2510Wolfram BurgardUniversität Freiburg10367743
2511Jørgen VestboUniversity of Manchester10367718
2512Christopher E ShawKing’s College London10367688
2513Wen Hsiung LiUniversity of Chicago10365855
2514Gareth F MoorheadCSIRO10365486
2515Andrew J ElliotUniversity of Rochester10365416
2516Udo HoffmannHarvard University; Massachusetts General Hospital10365007
2517Richie PoultonUniversity of Otago10364961
2518Marten SchefferWageningen University10364820
2519Jeremy LeeBioprocessing Technology Institute10364465
2520J Jack LeeUniversity of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center10363148
2521William T FreemanMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT10362992
2522Cees DekkerDelft University of Technology10362919
2523Mauro GiavaliscoUniversity of Massachusetts10361318
2524Ludwig KapposUniversity Hospital Basel10361296
2525Ian G StiellUniversity of Ottawa; OHRI10360417
2526Kenneth Kh LeeChinese University of Hong Kong10359805
2527Rashmi SinhaNational Institutes of Health NIH10359419
2528David AndersonUniversity of Exeter10358366
2529D Quentin MillerSuffolk University10358318
2530Ralf SchwarzerFreie Universität Berlin10357523
2531Neta BahcallPrinceton University10357228
2532Petre StoicaUppsala University10356232
2533Andrej ShevchenkoMax-Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology & Genetics10354948
2534B Guy PetersUniversity of Pittsburgh10354617
2535Robert D HoltUniversity of Florida10353666
2536Richard BaraniukRice University10353655
2537Marlan ScullyTexas A&M University College Station10353051
2538Kenneth RockwoodDalhousie University10352688
2539Shahin RafiiWeill Cornell Medical College10352138
2540Christer BetsholtzUppsala University10350844
2541Lauri A AaltonenUniversity of Helsinki10350588
2542Nicholas WaldQueen Mary University of London10350370
2543Thomas HenzingerIST Austria10349111
2544Eviatar NevoUniversity of Haifa10348963
2545Andy YoungUniversity of York10348880
2546Brian G SprattImperial College London10348786
2547Nicole SoranzoWellcome Trust Sanger Institute10348657
2548Xiaoou TangChinese University of Hong Kong10348575
2549Carlos Jose BustamanteUniversity of California Berkeley10348371
2550Oscar LopezUniversity of Pittsburgh10348330
2551Fred SaadUniversity of Montreal10348252
2552W Bruce CroftUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst10348121
2553Michael S GazzanigaUniversity of California Santa Barbara10347017
2554Roy WilliamsCalifornia Institute of Technology10346819
2555Karsten DanzmannLeibniz Universität Hannover; Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics10346690
2556Cezmi AkdisUniversität Zurich10346202
2557Paul MulvaneyUniversity of Melbourne10345665
2558Ken A DillStony Brook University10345120
2559Lawrence A LoebUniversity of Washington10344845
2560Thomas DishionArizona State University; Oregon Research Institute10344803
2561Mitchell KronenbergLa Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology10344219
2562Michael BerkDeakin University10343640
2563Robert BreimanEmory University10342094
2564Keith A HobsonEnvironment Canada10341580
2565Thirumalai VenkatesanNational University of Singapore10341449
2566D W ArmstrongUniversity of Texas at Arlington10341132
2567Juan BisquertUniversitat Jaume I10341130
2568John KatzenellenbogenUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign10341085
2569Ishwarlal JialalCalifornia Northstate University10340913
2570Ming Hung WongEducation University of Hong Kong; Southern University of Science and Technology Jinan10340545
2571S B McMahonKing’s College London10340466
2572Adam DrewnowskiUniversity of Washington10340408
2573Ole Petter OttersenUniversity of Oslo10339707
2574Gerald R FerrisFlorida State University10339706
2575D E WallingUniversity of Exeter10339061
2576Jack GauldieMcMaster University10339034
2577Patrik BrundinVan Andel Research Institute10339014
2578W Walukiewicz10338893
2579Cheryl PerryUniversity of Minnesota; University of Texas10338560
2580Ley SanderUniversity College London10338005
2581Tamas L HorvathYale University10337951
2582David WinkNational Institutes of Health NIH10337874
2583Megan R GunnarUniversity of Minnesota10337690
2584Jordi Rello10337674
2585Cori BargmannRockefeller University10337574
2586Peter AndersenStatens Serum Institut10337096
2587Michael P MurphyUniversity of Cambridge10336996
2588Christopher ConseliceUniversity of Nottingham10336557
2589Gerald WeissmannNew York University10336405
2590Francisco Tomas BarberanCSIC10336058
2591Alex PiqueroUniversity of Texas at Dallas10335932
2592Silvia BordigaUniversity of Torino10335931
2593Arjun YodhUniversity of Pennsylvania10335800
2594N Scott AdzickChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia10335469
2595John GribbenQueen Mary University of London10334786
2596Leon KochianGlobal Institute for Food Security10333564
2597Pamela SilverHarvard Medical School10331320
2598Leonard BerryTexas A&M University College Station102158066
2599Faiez ZannadCHRU Nancy102135141
2600John Stuart MillUniversity of St. Andrews102127677
2601Marco DorigoUniversité Libre de Bruxelles102102307
2602S AnandMcMaster University10289320
2603Hazel MarkusStanford University10288963
2604R GuoFlorida State University10287076
2605Gokhan HotamisligilHarvard University10282090
2606Jon KleinbergCornell University10279323
2607Hyeyoung KimUniversity of California Los Angeles10277432
2608Anthony G GreenwaldUniversity of Washington10275284
2609M T Van GenuchtenFederal University of Rio de Janeiro10274238
2610Philipp WeigellMax-Planck-Institut für Physik10273154
2611Ronald PrineasWake Forest University10270833
2612David VanderbiltRutgers University10270719
2613Lawrence KatzHarvard University10269793
2614Lili WangHarvard Medical School10269668
2615Yuan Zhang 1Columbia University10266578
2616Edward J BoykoUniversity of Washington10266309
2617Arshed A QuyyumiEmory University10265918
2618Andras NagyLunenfeld Tanenbaum Research Institute; Mount Sinai Hospital Toronto10261146
2619Do Young KimYonsei University10260101
2620Barry WellmanNetLab Network10259630
2621Carlo PatronoUniversità Cattolica del Sacre Cuore10259032
2622Martin HeimannMax-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry10258934
2623E Wesley ElyVanderbilt University Medical Center10258575
2624I BabuskaUniversity of Texas at Dallas10257619
2625Andrew ConnollyUniversity of Washington10256278
2626Dennis KasperHarvard Medical School10255390
2627Vijay P SinghTexas A&M University College Station10255122
2628David StreinerMcMaster University; University of Toronto10254705
2629Janet SmithUniversity of Birmingham10254636
2630Klaus F RabeLungen Clinic10254452
2631Yin ZhangUniversity of Texas at Dallas10253744
2632Feng GaoChina University of Mining and Technology10253690
2633Jerry GurwitzUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School10253470
2634Gregory McCarthyYale University10252949
2635Richard J HobbsUniversity of Western Australia10252670
2636Kenneth PargamentBowling Green State University10252479
2637Philip SeemanUniversity of Toronto10252327
2638Karl GlazebrookSwinburne University of Technology10252066
2639Mubarak ShahUniversity of Central Florida10251722
2640Alexander FridmanDrexel University10251355
2641Julia A HallerWills Eye; Hopkins; Jefferson10251259
2642Gertjan Van OmmenLeiden University Medical Center10251034
2643Hanlin ChenSouth China University of Technology10251012
2644John HughesUniversity of Vermont10250663
2645Felix MitelmanLund University10249974
2646Robert M KaplanUCLA10249792
2647Michael D HillUniversity of Calgary; Foothills Medical Centre10249656
2648Jerald BachmanUniversity of Michigan10248355
2649Nenad MarkovicArgonne National Laboratory10247791
2650Richard J SaykallyUniversity of California Berkeley10247733
2651Gordon ParkerUniversity of New South Wales10247283
2652Moshe Y VardiRice University10247174
2653Karel SvobodaHoward Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Farm Research Campus10247156
2654Tatsuhiko TsunodaTokyo Medical and Dental University10246981
2655Mehmet TonerHarvard Medical School10245933
2656Alon HalevyGoogle10245632
2657James PoterbaMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT10245262
2658Vince D CalhounMind Research Network; UNM10245026
2659Gary l JohnsonUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill10244944
2660Glyn W HumphreysUniversity of Oxford10244920
2661Ibrahim DincerUniversity of Ontario Institute of Technology10244905
2662Stephen LongUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign10244755
2663C Richard A CatlowUniversity College London10244324
2664Ian PavordUniversity of Oxford10244317
2665Timothy M SwagerMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT10244278
2666hans paerlUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill10244062
2667Douglas L RothmanYale University10244032
2668Pan Chyr YangNational Taiwan University10243819
2669David A B MillerStanford University10243703
2670Paul MoayyediMcMaster University10243274
2671Lawrence M WeissCity of Hope; Stanford University; Clarient; Neogenomics10243254
2672Michael McGeheeUniversity of Colorado Boulder10243207
2673Stuart BiddleUniversity of Southern Queensland10242407
2674David S GoldsteinCNP; DIR; NINDS; NIH10242118
2675Jay KeaslingUniversity of California Berkeley10241781
2676Nicholas AyacheINRIA10241653
2677Yigong ShiPrinceton University; Tsinghua University10241651
2678Salvatore CuzzocreaUniversità di Messina10241598
2679Hans Peter SeidelMax Planck Institute for Informatics10241442
2680Chung K LawPrinceton University10241318
2681Jack GreenblattUniversity of Toronto10241315
2682Sten GrillnerKarolinska Institute10240604
2683Marcel DickeWageningen University10240427
2684Kenneth Andrew FriedmanTulane University10240167
2685Peter StenvinkelKarolinska Institute10240135
2686Jean Michel PawlotskyPUPH; Hôpital Henri Mondor; Université Paris-Est10239773
2687John R WeiszHarvard University10239636
2688Bruce StillmanCold Spring Harbor Laboratory10239548
2689Pal PacherNational Institutes of Health; Semmelweis University; University of Texas10239337
2690Aharon GedankenBar-Ilan University10239282
2691Edwin M StoneUniversity of Iowa10239258
2692Andrew K GodwinUniversity of Kansas Medical Center10238963
2693Stephen SligarUniversity of Illinois at Urbana Champaign10238861
2694William BlattnerUniversity of Maryland10237960
2695Adrian RaineUniversity of Pennsylvania10237624
2696Loren RiesebergUniversity of British Columbia10237591
2697Kristian HelinUniversity of Copenhagen10237540
2698J Bruce GermanUniversity of California Davis10237484
2699Ted GooleyFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center10236637
2700Karsenti EricEuropean Molecular Biology Laboratory10236443
2701Johannes A RomijnAcademic Medical Center University of Amsterdam10236328
2702Paul HarrisHarvard University10235976
2703Malcolm McCullochUniversity of Western Australia10235813
2704Scott HultgrenWashington University10235340
2705Thomas Paul DavisMonash University10235163
2706Klaus Schulze OsthoffUniversity of Tübingen10235141
2707Roberto MaiolinoUniversity of Cambridge10235040
2708Lai Sheng WangBrown University10235013
2709Stephen ManuckUniversity of Pittsburgh10233717
2710Klaas WesterterpMaastricht University10233425
2711K H KaestnerUniversity of Pennsylvania10232965
2712Gordon E Brown Jr Stanford University10232905
2713Henry A LesterCalifornia Institute of Technology10232786
2714Gunnar E CarlssonUniversity of Gothenburg10232060
2715R D GoldmanNorthwestern University10231370
2716Gary S BeckerUniversity of Chicago101249997
2717Katherine FlegalCenters for Disease Control and Prevention101199390
2718Richard L MartinLos Alamos National Laboratory101174600
2719George E P BoxUniversity of Wisconsin Madison101168409
2720Gerasimos FilippatosNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens101157587
2721David J TeeceUniversity of California Berkeley101139434
2722Ofer LahavUniversity College London101103367
2723Jonathan SterneUniversity of Bristol10198508
2724Terence P SpeedWalter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research10185477
2725Bruce FischlMassachusetts General Hospital; Harvard Medical School10177125
2726John B TaylorStanford University10174691
2727Mats AlvessonLund University10173275
2728Sarah Allwood SpiersNHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde10170942
2729David M ReidUniversity of Aberdeen10168255
2730Mark R LearyDuke University10168185
2731Rachelle BuchbinderMonash University; Cabrini Health10165042
2732Alvar AgustiUniversitat de Barcelona; Hospital Clínic; IDIBAPS; CIBER10164918
2733Roel NusseStanford University10161460
2734Josef KittlerUniversity of Surrey10160660
2735Thomas UngerMaastricht University10160599
2736David A WardleNanyang Technological University10160069
2737Richard G M MorrisUniversity of Edinburgh10160042
2738Zhong XinhuaEast China University of Science and Technology10158465
2739Dieter FoxUniversity of Washington; Nvidia Research10157960
2740Erica SmithFederation University Australia+K84810157592
2741Michael LynchArizona State University10157588
2742Jing KongMassachusetts Institute of Technology MIT10157246
2743David A StahlUniversity of Washington10157058
2744Chen MingGuangzhou Institute of Geochemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences10156569
2745Jong Chul LeeKwangwoon University10156529
2746Jing ZhuTsinghua University10155039
2747G C EbersUniversity of Oxford10153888
2748Yongbin ZhangFDA10152297
2749Scott DoneyUniversity of Virginia10151792
2750James NicholsPatuxent Wildlife Research Center USGS10151348
2751Sandra LavorelCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS10151006
2752David A CollierEli Lilly and Company Ltd10150973
2753Chin Tung Cheng10150764
2754Mihir BellareUniversity of California San Diego10150450
2755H Peter LuBowling Green State University10150407
2756Howard Stone10149964
2757Elizabeth SpelkeHarvard University10149253
2758Lorenzo GalluzziWeill Cornell Medical College10148399
2759Lloyd JohnstonUniversity of Michigan10148035
2760Åke BorgLund University10147584
2761Christopher CoxJohns Hopkins University10147552
2762Douglas K RexIndiana University10147537
2763Charles L Brooks IIIUniversity of Michigan10147447
2764P Eline SlagboomLeiden University Medical Center10146577
2765Marta KutasUniversity of California San Diego10145756
2766Erik JeppesenAarhus University10145725
2767Jennifer RexfordPrinceton University10145526
2768Pierre TaberletCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique CNRS10145389
2769Joseph AvruchMassachusetts General Hospital10145062
2770Amalio Telenti10145048
2771Peter J MorrisUniversity of Oxford10144141
2772Petr PyšekAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic10143993
2773H John B BirksUniversity of Bergen10143863
2774mony de LeonNew York University10143861
2775Julian DaviesUniversity of British Columbia10143427
2776Silvano SozzaniUniversity of Brescia10143221
2777Ken ShortmanWalter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research10143130
2778Giovanni MartinelliSeragnoli Institute10143051
2779Vassiliki KalogeraNorthwestern University10142988
2780Colin HillUniversity College Cork10142673
2781Robert SieglerCarnegie Mellon University10142625
2782Amit ShethWright State University10142202
2783Robert HoggSimon Fraser University10142043
2784Malcolm BrennerBaylor College of Medicine10142039
2785Claudio CobelliUniversity of Padova10141999
2786Leo JoostenRadboud UMC Nijmegen; Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca10141878
2787Miles HewstoneUniversity of Oxford10141805
2788Minesh MehtaMiami Cancer Institute10141537
2789Yadvinder MalhiUniversity of Oxford10141243
2790Bart Van MeerbeekKU University of Leuven10140952
2791PT de Jong10140950
2792Sushil JajodiaGeorge Mason University10140749
2793Suzanne Yvette O’ReillyMacquarie University10140369
2794Guðlaugur JóhannessonUniversity of Iceland10139641
2795Rienk van GrondelleVU University Amsterdam; Akademie Hoogleraar; KNAW10139534
2796Dennis P CurranUniversity of Pittsburgh10139494
2797David E LevyNew York University10139166
2798Kenneth S KosikUniversity of California Santa Barbara10139111
2799Avishai DekelHebrew University of Jerusalem10138966
2800Otto S WolfbeisUniversity of Regensburg10138925
2801Dale E BaumanCornell University10138734
2802Pravin VaraiyaUniversity of California Berkeley10138643
2803Jenny NelsonImperial College London10138616
2804Kazuki SaitoChiba University; RIKEN CSRS10138531
2805Katherine TuckerUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell10138484
2806Martin ElvisHarvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics10138305
2807Sylvia AsaUniversity of Toronto10138089
2808Hans EllegrenUppsala University10138025
2809Salvatore TorquatoPrinceton University10137912
2810Kullervo HynynenUniversity of Toronto10137845
2811Dacheng TaoUniversity of Sydney10137387
2812J T GoslingUniversity of Colorado Boulder10136960
2813Andrew SaykinIndiana University10136949
2814Perminder SachdevUniversity of New South Wales10136842
2815J Kevin ThompsonUniversity of South Florida10136159
2816Thomas M S WoleverUniversity of Toronto10136154
2817Charles A NelsonHarvard University10136055
2818Seth KalichmanUniversity of Connecticut10135848
2819Scott E FraserUniversity of Southern California10135434
2820Daniel BakerUniversity of Colorado Boulder10134750
2821Lothar HennighausenNational Institutes of Health NIH10134463
2822Carlos M FerrarioWake Forest University10134378
2823Ryoichiro KageyamaKyoto University10133716
2824Harold P EricksonDuke University10131838
2825Jason BrandtJohns Hopkins University10131773
2826Peter CapakCalifornia Institute of Technology10131455
2827Robert SoifferHarvard Medical School10131163
2828Derk Jan DijkUniversity of Surrey10130430
2829David E GoldbergThreeJoy Associates Inc100143598
2830Antonio DamasioUniversity of Southern California100143427
2831Don NormanUniversity of California San Diego100108475
2832Alice EaglyNorthwestern University10092047
2833Søren BrunakUniversity of Copenhagen10087515
2834Jawahar L MehtaUniversity of Arkansas for Medical Sciences10079939
2835Serge HercbergINSERM; Université Paris 1310077760
2836Markus Perola10074889
2837Carninci PieroRIKEN10074113
2838Shaker A ZahraUniversity of Minnesota10072493
2839Caroline Robert10071860
2840Joseph Hun Wei LeeHong Kong University of Science and Technology10070120
2841Fikret BerkesUniversity of Manitoba10068796
2842Peter S HallUniversity of Birmingham10067710
2843Danny MillerHEC Montreal10067641
2844David CutlerHarvard University10067343
2845Charles D A WolfeKing’s College London10065613
2846Carl LavieOchsner Clinical School10063486
2847Sharon Lise NormandHarvard Medical School10063191
2848Richard KanerUniversity of California Los Angeles10058766
2849Ewald WeibelUniversity of Bern10057228
2850Frank DentenerEuropean Comission Joint Research Center10056444
2851Yi ZhangHoward Hughes Medical Institute; Harvard Medical School; Boston Children’s Hospital10056413
2852Jerry TersoffIBM10055661
2853Nick SerponeUniversity of Pavia10055122
2854Walter PaulusGoettingen University10054767
2855J Holton WilsonCentral Michigan University10054160
2856John R WingardUniversity of Florida10054071
2857Jacob ParkGreen Mountain College10053996
2858Henry VölzkeUniversitätsmedizin Greifswald10053562
2859Mani SrivastavaUniversity of California Los Angeles10053003
2860William D Nix10051982
2861R Stanley WilliamsHewlett Packard Enterprise10051904
2862Luis Alberto García RodríguezCEIFE10050711
2863Chi V DangLudwig Institute for Cancer Research; The Wistar Institute10050451
2864Michael MoseleyStanford University10049989
2865Ana Maria CuervoAlbert Einstein College of Medicine10049503
2866Roger SheldonTechnische Universiteit Delft10049303
2867Max ColtheartMacquarie University10049013
2868Dawn SongUniversity of California Berkeley10048812
2869William SmithPortland Community College10048419
2870Takeshi SakuraiKanazawa University; University of Tsukuba10048417
2871M P ScottStanford University10048005
2872Mikhail ShifmanUniversity of Minnesota10047747
2873Gerry MelinoUniversity Rome Tor Vergata; MRC Leicester10047452
2874Paul TapponnierNational University of Singapore10047349
2875George PattonUniversity of Melbourne10047017
2876L T DrzalMichigan State University10046416
2877T A SalthouseUniversity of Virginia10046407
2878D T StussUniversity of Toronto10046306
2879Wenbin LinUniversity of Chicago10046215
2880Robert E KrautCarnegie Mellon University10045832
2881Bonaventura ClotetirsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute10045651
2882Roy A WiseNational Institute on Drug Abuse10044663
2883Robert NormanUniversity of Adelaide10044284
2884Norman FleckUniversity of Cambridge10043401
2885Dietmar W HutmacherQueensland University of Technology10042883
2886Ary HoffmannUniversity of Melbourne10042882
2887Raymond VanholderGhent University Hospital10042359
2888Steven M ReppertUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School10041827
2889Wolfgang LöscherUniversity of Veterinary Medicine Hannover10041718
2890Myles BrownDana-Farber Cancer Institute; Harvard Medical School10041568
2891David A McCormickUniversity of Oregon; Yale University10041520
2892Alexander KuzminNovosibirsk State University10041319
2893Dean KilpatrickMedical University of South Carolina10041128
2894Stephen L HauserUniversity of California San Francisco10040377
2895Kokmeng LeeGeorgia Institute of Technology10039724
2896Ken MackieIndiana University10039651
2897Gregory A VothUniversity of Chicago10039481
2898Timothy HlaHarvard Medical School; Boston Children’s Hospital10039281
2899Jesus EgidoMedicine10039241
2900Charles PerfettiUniversity of Pittsburgh10039156
2901Alex GuentherUniversity of California Irvine10039031
2902Stephen NeidleUniversity College London10039009
2903Peter FratzlMax Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces10038909
2904Howard E Gendelman10038474
2905Victor I KlimovLos Alamos National Laboratory10038231
2906Mark GroudineUWSOM10038222
2907Andrew HalestrapUniversity of Bristol10038170
2908Sidney H KennedyUniversity of Toronto10038132
2909Mitsuhiro YanagidaOkinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University10037769
2910Yutaka YasuiSt Jude Children’s Research Hospital10037751
2911Joseph M ProsperoUniversity of Miami10037743
2912Meilin LiuGeorgia Institute of Technology10037156
2913Yuliang ZhaoChinese Academy of Sciences10037044
2914Fernando BaqueroRamón y Cajal University Hospital10036841
2915Jenny DonovanUniversity of Bristol10036826
2916Tilman SauerbruchUniversity of Bonn10035321
2917Michael WehmeyerUniversity of Kansas10034834
2918Lawrence S YoungUniversity of Warwick10034457
2919Michael R IrwinUniversity of California Los Angeles10034199
2920Volker DietzUniversity Hospital Balgrist10034074
2921Hartmut JaeschkeUniversity of Kansas Medical Center10033973
2922Fernando C BarrosUCPEL; UFPEL10033755
2923Darley UsmarUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham10033267
2924Frank VitaroUniversite de Montreal10032863
2925Irma ThesleffUniversity of Helsinki10032455
2926Kazuhiro HonoNational Institute for Materials Science NIMS Japan10032356
2927Stuart M PhillipsMcMaster University10032173
2928R Todd ConstableYale University10031842
2929Mark A MagnusonVanderbilt University10030199

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Universities: January 2019
Edition 2019.1.2

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