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Pathol Res Pract. 2012 Jul 15;208(7):377-81. doi: 10.1016/j.prp.2012.04.006. Epub 2012 Jun 8.

The influence of physical activity in the progression of experimental lung cancer in mice

Renato Batista Paceli 1Rodrigo Nunes CalCarlos Henrique Ferreira dos SantosJosé Antonio CordeiroCassiano Merussi NeivaKazuo Kawano NagaminePatrícia Maluf Cury


GRUPO_AF1 – GROUP AFA1 – Aerobic Physical Activity – Atividade Física Aeróbia – ´´My´´ Dissertation – Faculty of Medicine of Sao Jose do Rio Preto

GRUPO AFAN 1 – GROUP AFAN1 – Anaerobic Physical Activity – Atividade Física Anaeróbia – ´´My´´ Dissertation – Faculty of Medicine of Sao Jose do Rio Preto

GRUPO_AF2 – GROUP AFA2 – Aerobic Physical Activity – Atividade Física Aeróbia – ´´My´´ Dissertation – Faculty of Medicine of Sao Jose do Rio Preto

GRUPO AFAN 2 – GROUP AFAN 2 – Anaerobic Physical Activity – Atividade Física Anaeróbia – ´´My´´ Dissertation – Faculty of Medicine of Sao Jose do Rio Preto

Slides – mestrado – ´´My´´ Dissertation – Faculty of Medicine of Sao Jose do Rio Preto



Avaliação da influência da atividade física aeróbia e anaeróbia na progressão do câncer de pulmão experimental – Summary – Resumo – ´´My´´ Dissertation – Faculty of Medicine of Sao Jose do Rio Preto


Lung cancer is one of the most incident neoplasms in the world, representing the main cause of mortality for cancer. Many epidemiologic studies have suggested that physical activity may reduce the risk of lung cancer, other works evaluate the effectiveness of the use of the physical activity in the suppression, remission and reduction of the recurrence of tumors. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of aerobic and anaerobic physical activity in the development and the progression of lung cancer. Lung tumors were induced with a dose of 3mg of urethane/kg, in 67 male Balb – C type mice, divided in three groups: group 1_24 mice treated with urethane and without physical activity; group 2_25 mice with urethane and subjected to aerobic swimming free exercise; group 3_18 mice with urethane, subjected to anaerobic swimming exercise with gradual loading 5-20% of body weight. All the animals were sacrificed after 20 weeks, and lung lesions were analyzed. The median number of lesions (nodules and hyperplasia) was 3.0 for group 1, 2.0 for group 2 and 1.5-3 (p=0.052). When comparing only the presence or absence of lesion, there was a decrease in the number of lesions in group 3 as compared with group 1 (p=0.03) but not in relation to group 2. There were no metastases or other changes in other organs. The anaerobic physical activity, but not aerobic, diminishes the incidence of experimental lung tumors.

I want to help in any way the work of professors, researchers and scientists because the researches I participated in Brazil are very important and they can be a very useful and relevant references for future researches, for example, helping many people in the future, of course. Scientific discoveries are essential for the human life! Visit this blog! Share! Thank you in advance!

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I did very innovative, detailed and important graphics about variations of all mice (control and study groups – lung cancer research in mice) during all experimental time related to my dissertation. They can be an excellent reference for future researches of many types. So, it is fundamental share this blog!

Watch and share! Gratidão: Convites p/ eu participar de eventos científicos muito importantes do mundo em pouco tempo

Video – Gratitude: I am very grateful because I was invited directly (direct message) by Internet to participate in 55 very important science events in the world in 25 cities in less than one year. I participated of great researches in Brazil. Informations about it are in this blog.

I was invited directly (direct message) by Internet to participate in 63 very important events in 29 cities of different countries in a little time (Toronto, Edinburgh, Madrid, Suzhou, Stanbul, Miami, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Abu Dhabi, San Diego, Bangkok, Dublin, Sao Paulo, Dubai, Boston, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Valencia, Osaka, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Paris, Tokyo, Vienna, Rome, Zurich, London and Frankfurt) because I participated of very innovative researches.

Article (my dissertation): The influence of physical activity in the progression of experimental lung cancer in mice – Pathol Res Pract. 2012 Jul 15;208(7):377-81.

The graphics I did about the variations of all mice weights of different ages during all experimental time aren´t in the scientific article related to my dissertation nor in my dissertation as well as details about time of exercise and rest of the animals. These data can be an excellent reference for many types of researches like in the field of genetic engineering.

The age of the animal and the human being and genetics influence in certain ways in physiology and in other aspects.

Very Important Observations:

1. Cancer is very related to the weight loss of the patient.

2. Age and genetics of the person are very important factors that influence cancer.

It´s fundamental professors, students, scientists, researchers and other people know about my monograph and dissertation because they were very innovative and important researches. The data like graphics I made about variations of weights in all mice of different ages (Control and Study Groups – My Dissertation) during all experimental time [The influence of physical activity in the progression of experimental lung cancer in mice – Pathol Res Pract. 2012 Jul 15;208(7):377-81] are very important for the scientific community.

´´The mouse is the main animal model used as the basis for research on diseases that affect humans.´´

The genetics of the mouse is very similar to that of the human.

Animal testing has a very high importance to world society.

In my dissertation the progression of lung cancer was lower in the group of mice that practiced anaerobic physical activity. Weight lifting is an anaerobic physical activity in humans. It would be very important, innovative and interesting to do researches in mice and humans testing a substance or substances, analyzing biochemical, pathological, pharmacological and physiological factors like weights in all experimental time [Weight loss of the patient is very associated with cancer – The syndrome of Anorexia-Cachexia (SAC) is a frequent complication in patients with advanced malignant neoplasia], the influence of age and genetics within the group itself and in the other groups in the inhibition and progression of cancer, for example. In this context, it is essential to seek new methodologies for the treatment, prevention and early detection of cancer and other diseases, such as vaccines and other very modern and efficient technologies. It is fundamental to consider the significance of variants like weight, age and genetics in relation to cancer. It is not easy to understand cancer in all aspects. So, more researches about it are very necessary in the world.

– Link related with my dissertation:

– Link about my monograph: Chagas Disease research in laboratory at Federal University of Triangulo Mineiro -> Induction of benzonidazole resistance in human isolates of Trypanosoma cruzi

It´s fundamental inform you the researches I participated. The world needs more efficient researches with high quality and precision. There are many laboratories that used mice to study pathologies and received very important financial investments. Many people won very important prizes because used mice in their researches.

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