List of many links of this blog!! Visit and Share it if possible!! Do the downloads!! Thanks in advance!! @ Images about this blog stats! Note: The statistics on the number of people who visited this blog in 2018 were not entirely based on real visitors

– The human expectancy of life needs to increase so much faster more and more with very efficient researches and projects resulting in new vaccines, therapeutical substances, medical devices and drugs, for example!!

´´Having big goals, many of which are said to be impossible, is very important because it can induce, in different ways, in different intensities in the world scientific society, the emergence of great scientific discoveries for all of humanity, significantly benefiting people’s lives and causing the increase of human life expectancy significantly. Thus, diseases known today as being fatal and incurable, can become curable diseases, with the achievement of highly effective prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment technologies´´. Rodrigo Nunes Cal* I did very interesting, innovative, important and detailed graphics about variations of all mice weights of different ages during all experimental time of ´´my´´ dissertation. They´re available in this blog and are very important to the scientific community!! The diffusion of relevant knowledge is always essential for a country progress. New scientific discoveries need to emerge urgently !! @ Images, Texts, Links, Videos and Websites Links about ´´My´´ Dissertation, ´´My´´ Monograph And Animal Models for Human Diseases like Cardiovascular Diseases @ EDITORIAL – 20 MARCH 2019 – ´´It’s time to talk about ditching statistical significance – Looking beyond a much used and abused measure would make science harder, but better.´´É hora de falar sobre a redução da significância estatística – Olhar além de uma medida muito usada e abusada tornaria a ciência mais difícil, mas melhor.´´ Nature 567, 283 (2019) doi: 10.1038/d41586-019-00874-8 @ Comments by Facebook about this Blog & Comments I did Today in Facebook Lives @ WHAT DOES STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT MEAN? by Jeff Sauro, PhD | October 21, 2014 ´´If researchers do discard statistical significance, what should they do instead? They can start by educating themselves about statistical misconceptions. Most important will be the courage to consider uncertainty from multiple angles in every study.´´ @ WORLD’S FASTEST SUPERCOMPUTER FINDS 77 POTENTIAL COVID-19 TREATMENTS – IT’S NOT A CURE, BUT IT’S A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. @ Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Are Growing Faster In The United States Than Any Other Country In The World @ AUGMENTING YOUR IMMUNITY: FIGHTING COVID-19 @ Wikipedia Links about Disease, Science, Research and Statistics @ OTHER VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION OF THE WORLD, LIKE LINKS, WEBSITES AND IMAGES




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